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Sony F5 on TV serie Pambel

Alfonso Parra

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Dear colleagues, I have already put on my website the article that we published in the spanish Cameraman magazine about cinematography of TV serie "Pambelé" with the Sony F5 camera. We talk about Luts, sensitivity and exposure.

I hope it's of your interest. The article is in both, Spanish and English.
You can download from



Best regards


Alfonso Parra AEC,ADFC


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Look forward to reading it Alfonso. I've never understood why the F5 didn't take off in a bigger way for narrative TV production, the cost/performance ratio of that camera is still basically unmatched by anything else out there.

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Was there ever discussion to record in 4K.. ? which are relatively small files with the F series Sony,s... interesting article..


I have an F5 and very pleased with it.. but Im not shooting narrative or on the large scale like you are.. but often in Slog3.cine with the "Burt" LUT,s.. (a DP in Belgium who came up with some nice "Arri" look LUT,s) that are quite popular with F5 users ..



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