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which battery should i buy for my 435?

saddiq abubakar

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hello everyone.


i just bought my first 35mm camera an arri 435 while i have experience with s8 and s16 cameras im learning more and more that 35mm is a whole new beast.


ive been doing research on which 24v battery to buy for the 435, but the results im getting are all over the map. ive seen belts which look like a good option but it seems like those are more suited for steadycam ops? i havent seen any onboard batteries for it, do they make them? i understand that different framerates call for different amounts of power i dont think ill be shooting too much at 150 fps but it would be nice not to be limited if the moment presents itself, also can i not use the same 24v batteries that i would use for an alexa? what price range am i looking at ? thanks a lot everyone



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435s use 2-pin Fischer plugs for power, like Arricams and Alexas. Generally the power cable will plug into a 3 pin XLR 24V battery, wired pin 1 neg, pin 3 pos. There's no on-board attachment, as James mentioned.


24V will power the camera up to 130 fps, you need at least 26.5V to get up to 150 fps. The camera accepts anything from 20.6-35V.


The recommended battery capacity is 7Ah, you can go higher but it's more expensive and not generally necessary. That should run the camera with a mag and accessories for at least a couple of hours. The start-up current can spike over 10A, so use a 15A battery fuse if you make your own battery pack. The cheapest route is probably lead acid batteries, a couple of 12V 7Ah gel cells wired in series, fitted into a pelican case, with a 3 pin XLR socket and fuse-holder.

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