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New: BMCC / BMPCC Film to Rec709 LUT that WORKS

Bulent Ozdemir

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Not to be confused with a ‘stylized look' LUT – I created the BozBMDFilm_to_Rec709 Utility LUT to bring out the organic contrast and color values captured by the BMCC / BMPCC in Film LOG or RAW modes. In addition, the LUT strives to preserve highlight and shadow detail [with emphasis on softer highlight roll off] while safeguarding image quality and integrity.

[RAW video by John Brawley]


Though it's not free, It's still cheaper than a Golden Arches Meal and definitely worth a look even if it's just to see more examples of how the LUT works.


Download Page: https://bulentozdemirfilms.wordpress.com/downloads/bmcc-bmpcc-bozbmdfilm-to-rec709-lut/

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LUT looks good. It was very nice of John Brawley to let you use his work like that.

Thank you, Will. Yeah, the RAW video was released to the public by John in 2012 when the BMCC first came out to showcase the camera's capabilities. It's probably one of the most, dare I say "recognised" Blackmagic clips on the web!

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Is there any commonality between the "film" curve as used on the various Blackmagic cameras?


I have an Ursa Mini 4.6K here



I've tested the BMPCC, BMCC, BMMCC and they all respond the same. However with the Ursa I've found that a few adjustments need to made mainly to shadows and saturation when used with the LUT. Not sure if that answers your question, but hope it helps.

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