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Negative Fill solutions.

Alexander Sutton Hough

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I am looking to get grip gear for my own kit that can fit in my car for small and low budget projects. Right now I am trying to figure out a good option for a 48x96 flag floppy for the use of flagging and but most importantly for negative fill.


A regular floppy doesn't fit in my car. The alternative options I have found are Matthews 48x48 Road Rag and Westcott Scrim Jim 4x4. The problem with this is a brand new floppy at Filmtools or B&H Photo is only $140. While Matthews 48x48 Road Rag and Westcott Scrim Jim 4x4 is going to cost $300-400. Way to much for a Floppy.


The other alternative is a Westcott 4x6 collapsible reflector black block. But the fabric is to reflective for my taste with negative fill.


Does anyone have some suggestions of what I should get?



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