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Mid-60s Black and White


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For a project I'd like to reproduce (or get as close as possible, even if you can still obviously tell) the look of black and white of the mid-60s 35mm.

I will record color digital, so that film grain could either be the result of a LUT or visual effects.

Think "Masculin Feminin", "Persona" (both from 66), so pretty noticeable grain, as much in the highlights as the shadows, plus the particular roll-off in the shadows as well.


I'm afraid most film stock LUT offer mostly recent film stocks.


Only clip I could find of decent enough quality to observe grain





Thanks a lot!

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I might be wrong, but does this look of the 60's you're after also have a lot to do with the lighting.

Yes there is the grain, high contrast etc.. I mean the thumbnail for the Persona clip you have linked has a lot of contrast.


If you have the time, maybe do some tests before production. Then have a colour grade and see what you need to do.

Also try and find what stock these films were shot on (maybe Kodak Double X - I don't know) and see if there are good LUT's laying around the web.

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In France and Sweden? Gevaert and Ferrania, quite likely. But as Dan says, as significant is the lighting, and art direction, of course, in the choice of colours as to how they will record in black and white.

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Thanks for the answers !

Yes of course choice of color, lighting, and everything in front of the camera plays a part.


Do you know a place where you can find what film stock were used at this era in this country ?

And if film stocks were sometimes improved but kept the same name ?

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