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JJ's 2017 Filmmaker Reel

JJ Osbun

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I don't know what you did on any of the projects, were you the director, the producer, the filmmaker (and what does that even really mean in the context of this reel?)

I don't want to sound harsh; but I think there is quite a bit of issue whenever there is an overall reel for a "slash" person, (e.g. DP Slash Editor).


It would perhaps read better to just be a directors reel and just highlight what you directed, and to that end, with audio snipets -v- the music.


That said there's some good stuff in there, but the drastic similarity of a few of the projects makes it run long and there are lackluster, in comparison, shots with really gorgeous things. If you're going montage-style, cut out anything but the best. The stuff that's more reality looking, or promo looking really detracts from the gorgeous vista shots, and also since it is such a drastic change in quality, were i looking at it as someone with money and hiring would really give me pause that it's the same person behind both shots.


I don't mean to be harsh and lord knows my own reel is pretty awful, but that's my 2 cents.

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Hi Adrian,


Thanks for the honest opinion. I produced and directed everything there. A good portion is my camera work, and for the shots that are not I credited those who held the camera at the end.


I'm in the middle of creating a 1 minute long mini reel for "direction" that will have only the highlights, and that should fix the other critique you made.


What promo stuff are you referring to? Would like to know so that I can make a change if necessary.


Thanks again!


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It's mosrly the club looking stuff; just doens't go as well with all the breathtaking vistas.

I would say then "director' as opposed to producer director, just seems a little bit better.


p.s. see you're in LA, we should grab a coffee or a quick drink sometime. Would love to hear about your mongolia things as i may be doing a feature there in the coming years.

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