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  1. Camp4 is a great group. @Phil, yeah, pretentious, but they earned the right to be - don't you think? Daring shots and stories from an unsuspecting group of adrenaline junkies. I'd brag a little too. haha
  2. Hi Adrian, Thanks for the honest opinion. I produced and directed everything there. A good portion is my camera work, and for the shots that are not I credited those who held the camera at the end. I'm in the middle of creating a 1 minute long mini reel for "direction" that will have only the highlights, and that should fix the other critique you made. What promo stuff are you referring to? Would like to know so that I can make a change if necessary. Thanks again! JJ
  3. Hi Nick - I see merit in both Gregg and Mack's posts. Certainly the "what's this all about" concept. I think you deserve praise for going there in the first place. The footage was shaky, but you did a good job of making it the style. Nice color. You can't reshoot, but perhaps you could make the idea more clear up front. Even something as simple as text on the screen could help. Cheers! JJ
  4. It is certainly interesting, and more fun than I expected. Too bad the production wasn't well coordinated. Not your fault. For me the opening shot was weak. I like the idea of cutting into the little girl running, but I don't think the tilt from the tress to her works so well... Got anything else you can use for the title? That's a super important moment - the first shot. Cheers! JJ
  5. Hey Hoosier! I graduated from IU Bloomington... have family in FW. Anyway, nice reel. Touch slow, but that's mainly the music. I'd suggest making it clear what the reel is for as Gregg suggested. Keep up the good work!
  6. Hi Cinematography Friends, Just finished my 2017 filmmaker reel and would really appreciate some feedback from the community. Thank you for taking the time! JJ Osbun https://player.vimeo.com/video/215070717
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