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Bolex H16 EBM Camera Package For Sell On eBay.

Robert Ditto

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Hello Everyone.


I just wanted to let everyone know that I am selling a Great little Bolex H16 EBM Camera Package on eBay.


eBay item number: 222563920707




There is a link to a Youtube video demonstrating its operation in the description for the eBay listing.


I have many detailed photos of all the items in the Auction, drop me a message and I will gladly send them to you.

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Listed in the description of the ebay auction. A power supply and Power Cord are not included with the auction. The Bolex EBM has a couple of power supply options that you will need to address if you purchase it.




Original Bolex EBM power supply/battery charger has an inline push button to activate the camera motor and thus begin filming.


a Bolex Power Grip for Bolex EBM, EL, and ESM External motors has a push button in the grip and houses an internal battery for power.


After Market rigs that use the original Bolex Power Connection with a 12V source and an on/off switch.


There is a link to a youtube video where I demonstrate the unit running with film at all speeds and you can see the power cord I use.


Sincerely, Respectfully,


Robert M. Ditto

Creative Director and

Director of Photography

Infinity Focus Productions

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