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Fomapan R100 Reversal Processing in Ilford PQ Universal (successful!)

Vincent Donovan

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Hi friends, I just wanted to put this here for the record, for anyone looking to reversal process Fomapan R100. I'm very happy with the results I'm getting, full ISO with good shadow detail, and nice crisp highlights.


I basically follow this guy's process to the letter: (make sure you've got subtitles switched on)


I even went out and found those 1.5 liter bottles that he uses (not cheap).


My one alteration is to use Ilford's PQ Universal developer instead of Dokumol. It is more readily available here in the US, and relatively inexpensive. I also already use it for other photographic processes, so it just means one less thing I have to buy an keep on hand.


Note that using distilled water really helps make these solutions last a long time.


My solutions are:


Developer 1: 200ml PQ Universal + 1300ml distilled water

Bleach: 1200ml distilled water + 70ml 50% Sulfuric Acid + 15g potassium dichromate + water to make 1500ml

Clearing Bath: 140g Sodium Sulphite + distilled water to make 1500ml

Developer 2: 200ml PQ Universal + 1300ml distilled water

Fixer: Ilford Rapid Fix


My timings are (all at 68 degrees F)

Pre-wash 1 minute

Dev 1 8 minutes

Rinse 30 seconds

Bleach 5 minutes

Rinse 1 minute

Clearing 3 minutes

Rinse 30 seconds

Re-Exposure 1 minute

Dev 2 8 minutes

Rinse 1 minute

Fix 3 minutes

Wash 3 minutes

Hypo clear 1 minute

Final wash 3 minutes.















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That's terrific news Vincent, thanks for sharing. I looked up the specifications on the Ilford PQ Developer, and it is a high contrast strong working developer. It's chemical makeup seems sufficient to produce good results and thus would make a viable alternative for anyone processing that was using the now discontinued KODAK D-19 Developer (which is available being made by Photographer's Formulary but at $25 per gallon mix and sold by others such as Freestyle Film and B&H Photo etc). Nice to see others processing their own cine film these days.

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