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  1. Hello everybody, I'm concerned about some bad results I'm getting while developing color film. I develop ECN-2 and C-41. I make bleach with potassium ferricyanide and potasium bromide and fixer with Sodium Thiosulfate and Potassium Metabisulfite. The C41 developer I buy it from Kodak, the ECN-2 I prepare it. Since I make this solutions I'm getting this green color shifts. I don't know if it has to do with agitation, temperature or chemical exhaustion. I have made tests but I can't get it.
  2. FOMAPAN R100 as negative. With the regular first development time I got very bad results. With 35% of the time I got better results but unuseable. Yes, Foma should be developed reversal. 35% of the time:
  3. I usually Develop fomapan R100 8 min dektol 1:1 for reversal. How many minutes do you think I should develop for negative? 5? 3? Is the bleaching before developing really necessary?
  4. I think that when that happened you didn't wash your bleach completely or your clearing bath was exhausted. The bleach residues mixed with fixer might destroy the emulsion. This is just a supposition. It has never happen to me. I work constantly with FOMA.
  5. I would recommend buying just one and making a test at ASA6. I usually overexpose 3 stops very expired vision stock. However EXR is older 😕
  6. Hello. I need to attach a motor to a bolex H8 Rex4 converted to double super 8. I want to use the ESM motor that one would normally use for an H16. However I have the question. Would it suit the bolex H8Rex4 or would it harm the camera as an H8 run half of the frame as a H16 would do?
  7. You have to put the lens in the middle position, not on the uppermost. Then I guess it is better to see through the lens viewfinder. It might be a bigger image. However you can also use the other one. My advise is to sell that zoom and get prime lenses. Take advantage of the reflex! Overexpose 1/3 of a stop.
  8. I just got a non reflex bolex and I want a wide angle lens for it. Does anyone sell a 10mm or a 16mm? Shipping to Mexico
  9. Hello.How can I distiguish an energetic BW developer from a developer that's not energetic? I need an energetic developer, as diluted as I can for Plus X 7276 and 4X 7277. What are your suggestions?
  10. Hello again. Someone told me that I could develop black and white and then add 7ml of citric acid to the fixer and let it rest for 15 min. What does the citric acid does. Is it necessary? This is an ME-4 stock. I also heard that you have to use a hardner to develop in c41. Does anyone know a solution to cross process? I have no access to E-6.
  11. I have a roll of 7256. Can you please of explain a little bit more about the paraformaldehide pre-hardening bath and c41 chems (as negatives). Did you try to develop as black and white negative?
  12. This is ASA 12 Scanned frame: Edited quickly (I don't know how to use photoshop very well):
  13. Thanks Ludwig. I developed in c41 and I think I can use the film at ASA 6. I didn't push. Next time I will do it. 4 minutes is too much?
  14. I think that if you want to shoot 100ft your most viable choice in the market are Canon. Incredible cameras. If you want to shoot 25ft go for a zenit quarz. It's unlikely to find the other models easily in ebay.
  15. This is amazing! Thanks! Haha. I hope I can film with one of those someday.
  16. I've used quartz ds8 m, quartz zoom ds8-3, Canon zoom and a bolex H8 converted to double super 8. Shooting with the bolex is a joy, specially if you have good lenses, but I prefer using the Canon because of ergonomics and the electric system. The quartz zoom is very fun to carry around and they are reliable in my experience, they are well built. This is an example of Canon : This is an example of Bolex : This is an example of quartz zoom : I once had in my hands a pathe ds8 but unfortunately it didn't work. It is a beautiful machine. It was a pity. The bolex and Canon examples are a very expired stuff but I must have fomapan fresh footage.
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