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    Bolex system, Canon DS8, Quarz
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    8mm, super 8 and 16mm film shooting and home processing. Kodak 4X 7277 Reversal. I run La Vena lab.

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  1. WTB Shogun 7 or Shogun inferno. Best if it include SSD.
  2. I can develop it in Mexico City in caffenol. I sent a DM.
  3. If you travel to Mexico city, Labtank can scan it for you with retroscan
  4. Hello. I want to buy an FS5 or FS7. Any sellers around?
  5. HI. I want to buy a Sony fs7 in good condition.
  6. Hello everybody, I'm concerned about some bad results I'm getting while developing color film. I develop ECN-2 and C-41. I make bleach with potassium ferricyanide and potasium bromide and fixer with Sodium Thiosulfate and Potassium Metabisulfite. The C41 developer I buy it from Kodak, the ECN-2 I prepare it. Since I make this solutions I'm getting this green color shifts. I don't know if it has to do with agitation, temperature or chemical exhaustion. I have made tests but I can't get it.
  7. FOMAPAN R100 as negative. With the regular first development time I got very bad results. With 35% of the time I got better results but unuseable. Yes, Foma should be developed reversal. 35% of the time:
  8. I usually Develop fomapan R100 8 min dektol 1:1 for reversal. How many minutes do you think I should develop for negative? 5? 3? Is the bleaching before developing really necessary?
  9. I think that when that happened you didn't wash your bleach completely or your clearing bath was exhausted. The bleach residues mixed with fixer might destroy the emulsion. This is just a supposition. It has never happen to me. I work constantly with FOMA.
  10. I would recommend buying just one and making a test at ASA6. I usually overexpose 3 stops very expired vision stock. However EXR is older 😕
  11. Hello. I need to attach a motor to a bolex H8 Rex4 converted to double super 8. I want to use the ESM motor that one would normally use for an H16. However I have the question. Would it suit the bolex H8Rex4 or would it harm the camera as an H8 run half of the frame as a H16 would do?
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