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What can't you do when your hand is broken?

chris layhe

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Hey folks,


Some bad news for me this week, following a nasty bicycle crash my left thumb is broken in 3 places and so I'm going to be out of commission as a DP until January... fortunately it doesn't affect my color grading work, so I'm starting to fill my schedule with more hours at the DaVinci on film, agency and corporate work.


But that means good news for others - I've decided to put my complete Sony F5/AXS-R5, FS7/Odyssey 7Q+ and A7Sii camera packages, and Leica and RED lens packages up on ShareGrid as I hate to see them sitting idle, along with our audio package, support packages, lighting and a bunch of other stuff that will just be sitting in the storeroom gathering dust. The prices are very good considering what comes in each package and ShareGrid is simple to use with really nice insurance deals for short term rentals.


You can see all of the individual deals at https://sfbay.sharegrid.com/en/people/chrislayhe, and do shout if you would like to see any different recipes up there for the next three months!





Chris Layhe
980 30th Avenue
Santa Cruz
California 95062
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I very much like the idea of ShareGrid. Only two problems: first, they only exist in the USA, but more importantly, they seem to rely very heavily on a social media profile as a form of ID. I have a roomful of light and grip available that's absolutely available in principle, but I don't do social media. I'm not sure it's a great way to do it anyway.

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Share Grid is really good. I've used them for over a year for renting my film cameras and they've been great.


I vet everyone who contacts me, asking them questions about their production and make sure they aren't full of poop. Then I also take their ID when they pickup everything.


I hope I don't get screwed, but when you're dealing with film cameras, most people won't want them outside of the few who know what they are.


Sucks about the hand BTW... I destroyed my left hand in a motorcycle accident at the race track in 2010, I only have 50% grip level in that hand, which sucks, but... I'm happy I've got it!

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