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Glass reflection

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Hello everyone!


I'm one more time asking for your help on this forum! I'm shooting a short-film and I got this shot in which the camera dollies left filming photos that are framed up on the wall. It's kind of a close up and I don't want to see my reflection in the glass of the frames, then the camera stops as we see the reflection of the actress in one of the frames.


So I was thinking of maybe removing all the glass except on the frame in which we're supposed to see the reflection of the actress and then re-add the glass in post using after effect, but is that possible? And how much of a headache is that going to be? Has anyone ever done that in post?


If I use a filter on the lens to remove reflections I'm not gonna be able to see the reflection of the actress on the frame...


Any ideas anyone?


It's a scene taking place in daylight, in a pretty bright, white wood living room.


Thank you so much!

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As David says.. .dolly along at an angle.. its probably going to look better anyway.. and then you can find your actress refection at the end.. another low tech thing I would add is.. as your tracking along in rehearsal .. if your picking up refections of stuff you don't want.. roll up little balls of camera tape and put them between the pictures and the wall... its a bit of a fiddle .. but by just changing the angle a tiny bit you can solve a lot ..

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And if you're fighting reflections, it's always important to dress appropriately...




Haha, all day every day!


Damien, if you are dead set on wanting to shoot this sequence straight on, and not do the angle: It is possible to accomplish as VFX. Here is how I would execute it:


- Shoot the shot/plate without the glass in the frames as you suggested.

- On the day of filming, clear out the room of any crew or lights or production equipment and shoot a HDRI refection map. It looks like this: http://goo.gl/LomZqE you can make one by taking your widest lens and shooting still images like this:

- when in the VFX phase of post, provide the reflection map along with the shot and the VFX artist will motion track the shot and insert individual pieces of glass into the frames and use the reflection map as the contents for the reflections.


Shooting 100% in camera certainly is easier, but it can be done.

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Guys! Thank you so much for all the help! I'm so sorry I didn't reply before! David and Robin we used the angle option yes, but I ended up only using the end of the shot, (the rest of it was too long and didn't work as I wanted)...


Mark yes you are totally right haha I kept seeing my hand on the focus ring, so I had to put on black gloves haha.


Ryan thanks! I'll definitely keep that method in mind in case, I knew it was possible to do it in post, thanks for the explanation!


By the way here's the trailer for that short-film! (We don't see the reflection shot in it though)


Thanks again for the help guys! I really appreciate! :)



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