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Light leak in magazine Arri 2c

Phillip Mosness

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I had a similar issue with an ARRI IIC, years ago. I taped the magazine door shut with camera film roll tape (like always) and the problem stopped with that mag until the seals were repaired. Do you have a DSLR? Take a tiny battery powered LED and seal it inside the mag. Take the mag and your DSLR(and a tripod) into a darkroom. Shoot a Long exposure, (pointed at the mag) of about 2-5 seconds with the light on inside the mag in the darkroom. If there is a leak, it should look like a comet streaking through the darkroom.

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Thanks, James I'll give that a shot.

It's a little disconcerting because I did actually tape the door, as I usually do. The door seems like the only place that it could happen, though.

The distortion in the image is even across the frame and pulsates more quickly as the roll runs out, telling me that it got hit somehow from one side all the way to the core.

I almost wonder if it's radiation?

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If you have a light leak in the mag and don't tape it immediately after loading, it could have fogged a wedge of the film over time.


Being that the fogging pulsates more rapidly as you approach the center of the load, it suggests that the film was fogged "in situ", not as it was running through the camera...

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