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The Samsung Galaxy S9

Keith Walters

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I could be wrong but this might be the product that finally:

• Democratizes the film-making process
• Puts penniless and completely talentless, clueless and illiterate wannabes on the same playing field as wealthy, accomplished, capable and resourceful producers who have made multiple 9 digit blockbusters
• Smashes through the celluloid ceiling.


By some oversight, Samsung don't actually say any of that, but they damn well should! :rolleyes:




For that "Big Screen" (6.2 inch!) experience.

Our category-defining Dual Aperture lens adapts like the human eye. It's able to automatically switch between various lighting conditions with ease—making your photos look great whether it's bright or dark, day or night.*

* Dual Aperture supports F1.5 and F2.4 modes. Installed on the rear camera (S9)/rear wide camera (S9+).

??Does that mean what it looks like it means? A one-stop iris? How does that help....?

Well anyway, I can't wait for the S11 to come out; by that time the S9 will have had all the inevitable bugs ironed out, and will be priced to sell :)

They don't say much about how it goes making phone calls though....

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The camera on my S8 is pretty damm spiffy. Scary that is better then then £30,000+ Digi-Beta's I was using 15 years ago.


Whatever they are planning Samsung are pretty on it with phone cameras. Even if the marketing makes little sense.


You know they must be working very hard on the next Galaxy phone - because thats probably the one that will go head to head with the "RED: Die with your boots on" phone. I'm hoping it will come with a BOMB Viewfinder and an actual Bomb.


I would also like to see RED to increase the resolution of the phone numbers. 8 or 9 digits for a number just isn't enough to contain my communication vision. 37 digit phone numbers should do the trick. That way the number would stay future-proofed and it can still be down-converted to conventional numbers while benefiting from oversampling

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Pretty much anything is a 'better' image than what an SD Betacam produced 15 years ago. I had a $200 LG Stylo that had a better looking image. That does not mean that the s9 is going to be some revolution. For the most part, high-end phone cameras have stayed the same in the video realm. My S8 has a really nice camera, but I'd never shoot a film on. No aperture control, only digital zoom, tiny pixels are terrible in low light, no real recording means besides internal or to clunky external micro SD cards that requires taking the back off the phone to change out most of the time, and the form factor...

Sorry, but I don't buy that a phone is a good camera to shoot a movie on, at least unless you're going for that look in the first place. Pretty much, it's a logistical nightmare - it has rarely has easy access to change microSD cards, no audio provisions, and the tiny sensor with no real aperture adjustment and zoom are killers for me. Once they come out with a phone that can record to a more easily removable SD card, and at least add f-stop and optical zoom - then I'll come around. Yes, there are some cheap 'phone lens adapters', but I have never been impressed by a set of lenses for $20, I doubt Its going to start impressing me now.


There are many cameras on the market now that are much cheaper than S9 that will produce a lot better results, so the s9 being revolution is pointless. It's only a revolution if it can produce better images than the cheaper option, and a $500 or less Sony 5000 series will produce better images than this (likely) $800 or more phone.

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OH!! I see! It's got two separate image sensors; one for closeup, one for telephoto.
Well isn't that a thing; that's EXACTLY what I suggested to them about 4 years ago!
Did I get a response? Nope.

Did I get my inbox flooded with Samsung Spam? Absolutely.


I actually showed them a picture of a Sharp Video 8 analog camcorder which had a similar system. If you knew what you were doing (a stretch for most camera users I know) flicking between wide and zoomed telephoto in shot could produce amazingly professional results. In wide mode it also had a superimposed rectangle that showed you the image area that would be switched to when you flicked to zoom.
Since a zoom isn't practical on a phone, my suggestion was that having two or more sensors with different focal lengths would be the next best thing.

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I wouldn't use a phone for a film either - just commenting on how far digital has come in the last 15 years is impressive.

That said I do use it more and more for photography, its not as good as my DLSR but its so dammed convenient. 5 years ago, I was still mostly using the dlsr - phone was a compromise too far. But the current generation of phones - good enough for a lot of things. Obviously I'm mostly talking about pictures of my Dog and not professional work.

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An S9 or Experia Z2 phone in a DJI Osmo could be really great for run and gun productions where there's no time to rig a Ronin / DSLR rig. That's the only use I see for the extreme wide angle HDR features of these camera phones in any kind of professional use.

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Try to achieve a propper DoF with it. Yeah...screewed :rolleyes:

Mount it onto a Crane...Yeah, you look like an Idiot :D

I could come up with so many funny Arguments....

Not to mention all my Friends, knowing im a Cinematographer and have a "little bit" of knowledge, aproaching me and try to convince me how "good" they Phone Camera is LOL haha....

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What's with all the hate and irony? It obviously wasn't made for use in professional environment, except perhaps some experiments or something like that.

The worst thing is when they try to compare the top Samsung phone and the iPhone and end the review with a line like this:

Of course, Apple is going to be introducing the successor to the iPhone X in about six months, and with the camera improvements that come with every new upgrade, it's likely iPhones coming in 2018 will outshine the Galaxy S9+.


:blink: So banal, pointless, unnecessary. I could add a few other qualifiers, but you get the picture.



Thinking about this... People around here aren't really all that much interested in phones. Not a lot of threads about or mentions of them.

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