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    I've made several short, independent movies, shot on analogue film, from one minute, up to half an hour long. I'm interested in narrative production and music and corporate videos. Want some nice, real-film footage of your organisation, company, band etc, for your website opening page? It looks really cool. It can be big screen cinematic 35mm, or slightly more grainy 16mm, in any aspect ratio. With the living warmth, earthiness and charm of real movie film. B&W or colour. Real film is arty, interesting and in vogue! You can contact me here. Website coming soon.

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  1. Emailed Ronford Baker and got this swift reply: "Our two stage Medium duty tripod will take 60 Kgs. Best Regards"
  2. I looked, but it doesn't say. From other websites eg. Abelcine it looks like medium duty R-B might support up to 150 lbs. Heavy duty up to 200 lbs.
  3. What is the maximum payload weight of a Ronford Baker Medium Duty tripod? And a R-B Heavy Duty? By maximum weight I mean what combined weight of camera and fluid head can the legs carry? Thank you.
  4. Always listen to the other side of the story. And if you can't find it, still be open to the possibility it's out there somewhere 🙂 We are a biased lot us humans - especially the ones who claim they have none. This is just a general comment - I'm not at all being critical of Tyler's opinion on the Nikon.
  5. Yay Nikon!! I think if I got a digital camera it would be UMP with Nikons.
  6. On an Arri IIC groundglass I had somewhere I believe the rounded inner rectangle is for framing film that was eventually to be broadcast on television. So I suspect you would frame your shot using the outer rectangle. But check with others. That's not a dumb question at all. I remember when I started a job, I asked a much more senior person there "Can I ask a dumb question?" about how to do something at work for that job. He said, "No, there are no dumb questions. Fire away." He was a kind fellow.
  7. I've just lately seen some rather high prices asked for things in the late model top of the line film cameras. I don't even want to quote what I saw. Seems like it could be getting unrealistic. That's what I'm thinking. School leavers take note (maybe).
  8. When you say strong video tap, would an Arri 35-III with video tap viewfinder be adaptable to a modern production crew provided the video camera was state of the art (it's a noisy MOS camera, I know, so no good for sync sound)?
  9. Who will service film cameras as the years go by, as most camera techs still extant are getting on in years somewhat, are they not? (well, ye know, sure the same might be said of meself, says I leaning on me shillelagh). Are the flashier, more 'electronic' models going to encounter internal problems? For instance an ST or 416 might pop a circuit board in years to come and it might be difficult to replace it. I'd think market prices for film cameras should reflect that reality.
  10. Good to know. I like this camera as it is small, comparatively light, yet quiet. And well, can one admit it? It looks so professional!
  11. Also, with video and AF with these small stills-type look cameras, how do you get on with audio possibly picking up lens motor noise?
  12. I think in some cases you don't absolutely need cinema glass. It depends on your situation, and if the lenses work well for you. It will be interesting to see with AF which of the originally still camera companies like Nikon manage to make a system that works really well with video. Just need to do a lot of research. Those AF stills lenses are terrible for manual focus, the ones I've tried. They have internal motors and very short and clunky travel. And no aperture ring.
  13. I wonder if prices will eventually go up across the board - including the old MOS models eg. Arri II. Is it a case of get back in while you can?
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