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Ektachrome 100D 400ft can of Double-Super-8 DS-8

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Don't hold your breath while waiting for the Kodak reversal film.


Ektachrome 100D is here!


Over 50 minutes of running time at 18fps!


Ektachrome 100D 400ft can of Double-Super-8 DS-8


Kodak Ektachrome 100D Double Super-8
16/8 2R
122 meter / 400 feet
Kodak 7285
CAT 186 1681


Comes from cooled storage, factory sealed.


Obviously you will need a DS8 camera or skills and capability to cut and split this DS8 into 16 pieces suitable for Super-8 cartridges.


Shipping from Netherlands




The Fata Morgana:


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