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2x Arri Alexa Mini packages

Lori Carson

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2x Alexa Mini packages, identical $64,500 each
ArriRaw License
4:3 License
PL LDS mount
Mini Viewfinder
Viewfinder mounting Bracket
Adapter Plate MAP-1 CPL
Baseplate MAP-2 CPL
Side Brackets MSB-1
Bridge Plate Adapter BP-4
Rod mounting bracket RMB-3
15mm reduction insert x2
Center Camera Handle
Support rods 340mm (13.4”) 15mm
BAP-1 Battery plate
Cage Top Handle
Camera Shoulder Pad
Low bracket for CSP-1
Ethernet/RJ-45 Cable KC 153-S
Power Cable Straight KC-50
Mini to MVF-1 cable 0.75m
Arri BP-9
12” Dovetail Arri
2x 17” Rods
5x128gb Cfast Cards
SanDisk Pro Cfast Reader w/USB cable
4xIDX CUE-D150 on board batteries
1 IDX VL Quad Charger w/ac cord
WC D-Box w/IDX plate
Rod mounting bracket
Mounting Plate w/adjustable rotation
Power Cable
WC A-Box w/bushing




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