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Dog Days

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Hey folks, please check out the trailer for our feature Dog Days


Its a family friendly rated PG romantic comedy that explores how dogs can positively influence their human counterparts. We had a great cast of both people and canines. And I can assure all and any concerned that these dogs were treated with the greatest care and love.


It will have a wide release in the U.S. this August 10th, tell a friend. I can only assume there will be various foreign releases as well as the summer comes to a close.


We used an Arri Alexa Mini at 3.2K 16x9 Pro Res 4444. We recorded in Log C and monitored in Rec 709. We shot spherical and framed for a 2.40 center extraction. We had a set of Cooke S4's and the Angenieux Optimo line of zooms. All of our camera gear came from VER/Cineverse here in Los Angeles where we shot the entire film. We only had two days of 35 on a stage. The rest was all on location. That was a challenge, to say the least.


I have had the great honor, opportunity and luck to shoot some excellent smallish tv shows. I have also had great success with some low budget features that did extremely well in the festival circuit. But the concept of shooting a feature film that would see a wide theatrical release is something that I've been dreaming of and working towards for 25 years now. I'm looking forward to the next one...



Tell everyone to go see this thing.





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Thanks David. Annapurna is handling distribution and advertising and they are leaning heavy into web based outreach. For a rated PG romantic comedy with lots of dogs the reviews have been pretty good and the word of mouth has been great. So far so good. We'll see how this weekend ends up...


And congratulations on your beautiful work on the TV show. Inspired as always sir.



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