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Voigtlander MFT vs Contax Zeiss FF


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Hello guys,

I am in the process of building my kit and I would like to ask for your advice.

I want to reach the most cinematic look while maintaining maximal portability and reasonable budget.

So far I was using GH5 with 25mm Voigtlander lens and right now I am thinking of either getting also 10 and 42mm to complete my set or going full frame and getting old Contax Zeiss supers.


I like how Voigtlanders work with light, but sometimes I feel I could get more filmic results with vintage lenses (for example with my old Hellios that I am sometimes using). I would like to hear your opinion about Contax Zeiss that are highly praised.


As far as body goes. I like that GH5 can record 442 10bit internal and don't know about any full frame in the same size and price range that could do same. With modern fast and wide mft lenses, full frame kinda looses it's point, what do you think?

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Using full frame doesn't mean you'll end up with results that are filmic or cinematic.


I've used the Contax Zeiss lenses on Super 16, they have the look of Zeiss lenses of that period and matched with Super 16 lenses.. Although, not quite as sharp as the Super Speed Distagons when wide open. Mechanically they were well made..

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