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To Panasonic: innovations in MF, not AF, will make LUMIX-S a great system for filmmakers

Jack Lam

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My name is Jack Lam, and I am a working cinematographer.

In my blog site, I wrote an open letter to Panasonic titled: Long-overdue Innovations in Manual Focus Will Make LUMIX-S a Winner for Professional Cinematographers

The article can be viewed here:


We have not seen much fundamental progress in the tools for professional focus control since the rise of DSLR cinematography, and it is an area that is badly in need for some innovations. I think the launch of LUMIX S is a great opportunity for Panasonic to do that.

In the article, I explain my ideas of what an ideal focus control system should look like on LUMIX S. It will make LUMIX S the ultimate small camera system for cinematographers.

I believe my article provides a unique perspective to the discussions of future camera designs. This is an issue that affects the quality and effectiveness of our work and one that deserves more attention. I'd love to hear what you think. Hopefully Panasonic will listen.

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Liked the video. I never thought of how focus pulling adds to the story. Lots of things in a movie are not even noticed by the audience but they affect the audience. Regarding Lumix, I doubt if your words will be heeded. A $2K camera competing with Sony and Canon and Nikon for the advanced hobbiest or pro isn't going to include the technology you are advocating.

As an amateur videographer and photographer I try to learn as much as I can about the art and technology of today's cameras. One question I have is how does a FF dslr with 40+ MP stick that data into an 8MP 4K video frame.

As an aside, I wonder if the Lumix-S 4K 60P will be available in avchd?

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Watched the second part of the PBS Frontline documentary "The Facebook Dilemna" last night. Having seen the above video on focus pulling I noticed the focus pulling on this 2nd part of the documentary was terribly clumsy and overdone. The focus was usually better on the interviewer than the interviewee. Sometimes the focus popped in like it was done with an old three lens rotary lens turret. I wonder if the focus pulling was just bad or simulated in the editor digitally.

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