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  1. Beautifully shot and great music. Not a fan of multiple quick cuts and being bombarded with multiple quick images. Didn't really follow the monologue. Multiple images + multiple words caused me to lose the thread.
  2. Well, this video got 97 million views on youtube so not what the average editor can create on his own. Helps when the vocalist looks like a movie star as well. This is professional, flawless VFX, so I wonder what the VFX buget was on this video.
  3. I really didn't like Roma. It essentially was a year or so in the life of a nanny/housekeeper working for fairly well to do professionals and their children, in a very nice townhouse. I thought this film could have been made in any city, Brooklyn, Beverly Hills, Paris, just as well as Mexico City and at any time period in the past 50 years. It's basically a story of two women, a nanny and the lady of the house who get abandoned by their men and survive as a family unit with the kids. The characters were kind of flat, I never felt like I got to know them. They were almost stereotypes. I have no real individual impressions of the kids either. Nothing grand or earth shaking as the hype would have you believe. The protests and violence looked good in the trailers but seemed to be there for shock value in just a few scenes, an interruption in the story rather than a part of it. I wasn't overly impressed with the cinematography either. As a fan of classic black and white movies of the 30's and 40's I enjoy the high contrast black and white of those movies. The black and white in Roma looked sort of faded to me.
  4. I've used a Mamiya MF film lens with an adaptor on a Nikon APSC dslr. The image had a soft overall effect but was very flattering for portraits. Some times a defect can be a plus. Some DSLR FF lenses are so sharp you can see the zits and skin pores and imperfections. Only a flawless beauty with makeup and great lighting is going to look good.
  5. How does the youtube video look on a computer monitor? What kind of TV is it? TV shows and movies are often saturated more to make them look good on a variety of old and new sets.
  6. I think there ought to be some discussion of whether a person is actually talented and driven and smart enough to succeed in this type of environment. And by succeed I mean able to make a decent living and take pride in their work and accomplishments, not get to some peak of the profession. In many professions it seems the spots at the top involve more than just doing a good job. Nepotism, politics, and maybe a flexible conscience is needed to get the top spots. No matter how much you love something, there's no guarantee you will be more than mediocre at it, a hobbyist rather than a professional. Like Dirty Harry said many times, "A man's got to know his limitations." Schools and friends won't tell you this, but it's something everyone needs to get a handle on. I agree that with luck and ability a person can often achieve his professional goals. But only if he has a special gift in that area. Not everyone can succeed in every area no matter how much effort they put into it. But there are also areas that a person can "get into the business" without being a genius or star, like journalism, advertising, production companies. Even government jobs (pensions are priceless) hire and allow people to become competent in cinematography and vidography. It may not be art, but it will pay your bills. Hundreds of thousands of kids picked up a guitar in the '60s and many are still playing them, but only a very few made a good living at it, and one in a million or so was an Eric Clapton, who had no formal training, no connections, and was at the top in his early 20's, and navigated not just the creative side but the business side brilliantly. The idea that everybody can become a Clapton or top cinematographer or movie maker through desire and hard work just isn't true.
  7. Very few people have the talent, ability and dedication to 24x7 learning and practice that it takes to become a moviemaker, or work in any art form. Probably the first thing to find out is if this craft is for you. Doing something as a hobbyist is not the same as getting paid to produce something that others value enough to pay for it (doing it as a profession). You can choose to be a Van Gogh and die peniless without ever having achieved any appreciation for your work, but that is not a viable option for most. Enjoying movies and knowing all about them and talking about them is not the same as making movies. Making movies is not the same as making good movies. Being in school is not the same as being in the working world. In school you pay them. In the working world they pay you. There's a science and an art to most challenging professions. To succeed (that is to make a living at it) you need to be well versed in both. You need to get way ahead of the learning curve so you stand out to those who pay you for your work. You also need the ability to handle people, bosses and peers.
  8. Some older lenses focus past infinity, so going to the end of the focus ring is not focused at infinity. That is, infinity focus is achieved before the stop at the end of the focus ring.
  9. All the used Japanese camera products I have bought on ebay were in excellent condition and there was no customs charges to the US. Good luck and let us know how this works out for you.
  10. There's no correlation between age and ability. If you are working with the right people they are looking for ability.
  11. I only buy used equipment on ebay from buyers with excellent feedback selling the type of equipment I am buying, with a full description of what is included and stating that everything works properly. If the equipment was not as described, Paypal has refunded my money including postage both ways. Strangely I have had no problems with any out of country purchases from Japan, China, South Africa, Canada, Britain and Lithiuania. The items that were refunded by Paypal were all US purchases.
  12. You are right. I guess rhe best alternative is a small folding knife with a 1-3/4 " blade carried in the watch pocket of jeans.
  13. Has nothing to do with the length of the blade. Pocket knife blades under 4" are legal in NYC. What's not legal are knives that can be opened without effort like switchblades, gravity knifes, spring assisted opening pocket knives, and possibly locking pocket knives so loose they can be flicked open. I just bought a new carry pocket knife and had to avoid the spring assisted ones. A pocket knife that clips to the inside of my pants pocket and can be opened one handed with a thumb peg is perfectly legal as far as I know. The incident spoken of sounds more like a bad arrest than anything routine. Bad arrests are police bread and butter everywhere.
  14. Not at all. Actually if the subtitles are clearly visible and kept on the screen long enough to read you quickly lose awareness of reading them at all. It's more like you are hearing a foreign language but your brain is interpreting it into your language.
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