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  1. Very nice video. There's a problem with the sound. The room noises drown out the vocals at times so when they are speaking English wihout subtitles they are hard to understand.
  2. I don't know. I've been using Premiere Pro CS6 and Audition CS6 for about 5 or 6 years now. Never used Premiere Elements.
  3. It's not the medium it's the content. The Beatles revolution was kicked off by kids listening to AM radio on their transistor radios with 1" speakers (I was one of them). The same arguments were made about records vs. CD's. Yes the record sounded better, the first time you played it, before all the scratches and pops accumulated over the years. Film and digital look different, it's true, but content is the most important thing. What's more important to you, the way a meal looks or the way it tastes?
  4. I never heard of this sport. A bit of text to introduce what is going to be shown might help the viewer.The scenes were put together rather haphazzardly. They don't create a story. The lines of people moving was a bit strange. Are they arriving, or leaving, what are they doing? The music was too epic for what was being shown. The music is more suited to the Battle of Stalingrad than a couple of matches and people moving in lines.
  5. Adobe Premiere Pro. It works very much like Photoshop does for still pics. If you use color correction (brightness, contrast, exposure, gamma, highlights and shadows, saturation, hue, filters, etc.) in Photoshop, it is very similar to the color grading in Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro also has control over the ambient light in the scene, spotlighting, direction and intensity and color of the light.
  6. @George Ebersole. I moved from LA to NYC in the early 70's and I felt LA was a Disneyland of the mind. And Hollywood was a boulevard of broken dreams. Maybe it's my age but I don't find most new movies to be any good, including the ones nominated for Oscars. The best are pretty good, but nothing is great. I just saw the Netflix movie The Highwaymen and it fit the pretty good category. What I do find entertaining is many of the HBO and Showtime series like the Deuce, True Detective, Chi, and previous series like Treme and the Wire. For my money these are very entertaining, well acted and realistic series, not a bunch of fluff. Regarding retirement (it soundsl ike you are retired or close to it), if you have made a living doing work you enjoyed doing you are way ahead of the game. I found my calling in life in my early forties in a technical field and was blessed to make a good living and retirement doing work I found challenging and enjoyable. I pretty much felt like my own boss during those years as my bosses didn't understand my job, but did recognize that I got the results they wanted. The old saying that if you love your job you'll never work another day in your life has a lot of merit, provided that it pays well and you are left alone to do it.
  7. I have used unsharp mask and follow it up with a bit of gaussian blur to get rid of some of the noise. You wind up with a soft but much less noisy image.
  8. Shot's taken with a wide angle lens have been used to exaggerate the size of facial features. Eg., a kid looking at a teacher who is leaning over them whose eyes or nose is made unnaturally large with a wide angle lens, that makes them look scary to the kid. Might also be used to exagerate the fangs and mouth of a snarling dog.
  9. Very nicely done. Good camera work, sound, music and editing. The only critique I can make is I think the color of the blood was off. I think it should have been a bit darker. Maybe look at blood in other movies and compare. Also, I think there's a safety cap at the end of the gun barrel around 12:58 which I wouldn't show as it takes away the realism of the scene. Thanks.
  10. You have to be a member of Amazon Prime to watch it. Amazon Prime cost $156 a year to join.
  11. Beautifully shot and great music. Not a fan of multiple quick cuts and being bombarded with multiple quick images. Didn't really follow the monologue. Multiple images + multiple words caused me to lose the thread.
  12. Well, this video got 97 million views on youtube so not what the average editor can create on his own. Helps when the vocalist looks like a movie star as well. This is professional, flawless VFX, so I wonder what the VFX buget was on this video.
  13. I really didn't like Roma. It essentially was a year or so in the life of a nanny/housekeeper working for fairly well to do professionals and their children, in a very nice townhouse. I thought this film could have been made in any city, Brooklyn, Beverly Hills, Paris, just as well as Mexico City and at any time period in the past 50 years. It's basically a story of two women, a nanny and the lady of the house who get abandoned by their men and survive as a family unit with the kids. The characters were kind of flat, I never felt like I got to know them. They were almost stereotypes. I have no real individual impressions of the kids either. Nothing grand or earth shaking as the hype would have you believe. The protests and violence looked good in the trailers but seemed to be there for shock value in just a few scenes, an interruption in the story rather than a part of it. I wasn't overly impressed with the cinematography either. As a fan of classic black and white movies of the 30's and 40's I enjoy the high contrast black and white of those movies. The black and white in Roma looked sort of faded to me.
  14. I've used a Mamiya MF film lens with an adaptor on a Nikon APSC dslr. The image had a soft overall effect but was very flattering for portraits. Some times a defect can be a plus. Some DSLR FF lenses are so sharp you can see the zits and skin pores and imperfections. Only a flawless beauty with makeup and great lighting is going to look good.
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