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  1. Around 1989 I was a sys admin and took delivery on a Sun server about the size of a tall refrigerator. It had a hard drive that held 750MBs (3/4 of one GB). The drive cost $100,000, weighed 86 lbs and was a foot square x 36" of metal. It took two of us to slide it into the server rack. Today the 16GB card in my camera costs $10, or 20 times more storage at 1/10,000th the cost and weighs less than 1/10 of an ounce.
  2. I bought an HP Z200 almost four years ago and use it for editing with Premiere Pro. Has an intel i7 870 processor at 2.9Ghz, a 1TB hard drive and a 2GB video card and runs win 10 Pro 64 bit. I got it for $228 on ebay, bought two new 8GB matched RAM cards for it for 16Gb RAM. Total cost was about $300.
  3. It's up to the actor to create the look of fear or lonliness, etc. In this case I see more confusion or shock than lonliness or fear. I don't think changing the focal length or composition would change that.
  4. I only watched the first minute and a half. It was mostly fuzzy and out of focus. Is that intentional, eg. dream sequences or someone who is drugged?
  5. Clicking on your link brings the vimeo video up. I'd say it was well shot and the images are stunning though I would have appreciated some feeling of speed on some of the shots. Perhaps speed them up in post or get closer to the ground to bring more excitement to the viewer. In some of the shots like the first scene there's nothing more to see after the first few seconds as the camera slowly moves up the image. On other scenes like the ones with people, I wanted to get closer and see more.
  6. I don't. My monitor is an 11 year old 20" Viewsonic VA2012wb lcd non reflective monitor with auto white balance. I have seen my youtube videos on my Vizio back lit lcd TV through Roku and they look the same to me. I wouldn't worry too much about it because you have no idea what monitor or TV the viewer is using. The only calibration check I have done on my monitor is to photograph a small American flag and compare it to the flag I am holding in my hand. To me the reds, whites and blues look the same so I guess the auto white balance is working fine on the monitor and I've never calibrated it. It really doesn't matter if what I see as peach is more orange on the monitor. As long as the reds, whites and blues are good who would know that a more orange colored blouse was actually more peach colored in real life?
  7. I watched it full screen and I agree the figures look too small. I think in a music video the personality of the performers is important. I think you would have been better off doing close up shots in several takes and cut them together. The performance is good but I found myself concentrating on who were the clones, so I lost sight of the music.
  8. Alexander Mackendrick The six films from 1949-57 Whisky Galore! (1949) The Man in the White Suit (1951) Mandy (1952) The Maggie (1954) The Ladykillers (1955) Sweet Smell of Success (1957) An 8 year run...none of them great by any means in my opinion.
  9. That's a bunch of questions. First, yes I have knowledge and objective standards to apply. I know about good sound, about being in focus, about lighting, about really good acting (it doesn't look like acting), but lots of movies I like, and don't like, pass all these tests. I'm talking about what really captivates me, makes me cry or silently cheer. There's not many like that. But in my opinion Mackendricks movies are not that. I'm not a critic, nor would I want to be or pretend to be. But for me I'd say the acting is the most important, followed by the script and also by the production values like lighting, color, location, etc. And you are correct, judging what audiences like is important for any type of commercial success. If you want to get paid you have to satisfy the customer, no doubt. But Mackendrick didn't do that in the long run. He left the business and became a teacher after a few decent movies and a couple of quick Hollywood productions (one with Sharon Tate). I thought the Alec Guiness movie about the man in the white suit was clever and entertaining and a lesson in economics but I wouldn't watch it again. By all accounts Mackendric was a decent film maker and a very popular professor. Back in the 60's in college, the common belief about professors was those that can, do, and those that can't, teach. Whether I like his book or not, I'll decide when it is delivered and I read it Of course you can believe someone is good to others without liking them, but can you really believe someone is bad or evil and like them? I can't, even if I can appreciate some good points they have. I mean Hitler was very loyal to his mother, liked dogs and was considered an ideal boss by the secretaries who worked for him, but I can't like him for that.
  10. @ David Mawson Of course you are correct in one respect, you might think a suit looks terrible but concede it's made from a good fabric or has good stitching. So if you are a tailor you could learn from it. Possibly if I was a film maker of narrative pieces there would be something to learn from SSOS. But I am not. I just do youtube videos, mostly music performance, so if I judge a movie as not good I'm really talking about what appeals to me, and not whether there's elements of craft that others can learn from.
  11. Deciding something is "good" when you don't like it is a bizarre concept that I wouldn't know how to implement. I guess you are saying I should take other people's word for it because they have more knowledge than me, but I don't buy it or believe it. One man's trash is another man's treasure. They are all just opinions, no matter who expresses them. At the end you only have your opinion. As Shakespeare said, nothing is good or bad except that thinking makes it so.
  12. Anyone can be a film maker, a dancer, a singer, an actor, etc. Making a living at it is what is hard. Being a famous success is nearly impossible.
  13. No, that is fast. My computer takes 45 minutes to export a 2-1/2 minute 4K video of about 660MB at 40,000 kbps. But it depends on the resolution, the kbps, and file size. I think the file size is the biggest factor.
  14. It's just my opinion and many see him as a genius, but maybe the emperor really has no clothes. To me Bustop was a masterpiece, and so was Moonlighting, and so was It happened One Night, and so was 2001, and so was One Eyed Jacks, and dozens more I could name, so maybe our tastes are different.
  15. For about ten years I had a sideline working on my own with small business, installing accounting systems and databases and desktop publishing. Doing the job was the easiest part, selling the job, and collecting the money was the hardest. At the same time my day job was working for a corporation where they took care of all the business end and left me alone to do the part of the work I enjoyed. Maybe that's why the studio system did such great films, and almost everything I've seen out of Hollywood the last few years, including award winning movies, just seems sub-standard. The studio took care of the business side, letting the directors concentrate on the art.
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