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How would you light this room when using haze?

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Hello! I am new to this forum and this is my first post B) I have attached the pictures of the room below following my explanation! I would like to achieve a nice glow with an obvious gradient to the falloff and some sun beams in the following room while the 2 talents walk through in 50 fps. I will time it to shoot as the sun goes down and fills the room with sharp shadows and golden light patches.


So I believe but please correct me if I'm wrong... If the camera is facing 12 o clock from picture 1, the sun will be at 7 o clock so behind the camera, I'm hoping in this scene to get a nice soft ambient glow with falloff at least filling the room.


Then for picture 2, the sun will be at 2 o clock which is a good angle for rays, I will put some covering on parts of the window for some rays and again I'm hoping to get a soft glow with falloff, similar to picture 3.


I also have 3x arri 1k fresnel tungsten lights with barn doors and was thinking I may use it for a soft light on the talent before they hit the rays. Gelled for daylight through a light diffuse for a moment of natural colour.


What do you think and how would you do it differently if you only had my lighting setup and the sun to play with?


Image/angle 1




Angle 2 (the shadows were lifted a lot, it will be similar brightness to picture 1


Picture 3 (if I can get a soft glow like this I will be happy)



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Shafts or beams of hard light will be visible with haze, yes. Ideally, the beams would span some distance in middle space, not just raking a back wall. And I'd think diagonal beams would be best if you can swing it. Another thing that can help is breaking up the sunlight entering your set so there are more distinct beams visible.

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