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  1. Ok I went today at sunset and took a couple quick snaps on my phone. Am I right in thinking I should get beams of light if I haze this up, just from the natural sunset?
  2. Hello! I am new to this forum and this is my first post B) I have attached the pictures of the room below following my explanation! I would like to achieve a nice glow with an obvious gradient to the falloff and some sun beams in the following room while the 2 talents walk through in 50 fps. I will time it to shoot as the sun goes down and fills the room with sharp shadows and golden light patches. So I believe but please correct me if I'm wrong... If the camera is facing 12 o clock from picture 1, the sun will be at 7 o clock so behind the camera, I'm hoping in this scene to get a nice soft ambient glow with falloff at least filling the room. Then for picture 2, the sun will be at 2 o clock which is a good angle for rays, I will put some covering on parts of the window for some rays and again I'm hoping to get a soft glow with falloff, similar to picture 3. I also have 3x arri 1k fresnel tungsten lights with barn doors and was thinking I may use it for a soft light on the talent before they hit the rays. Gelled for daylight through a light diffuse for a moment of natural colour. What do you think and how would you do it differently if you only had my lighting setup and the sun to play with? Image/angle 1 Angle 2 (the shadows were lifted a lot, it will be similar brightness to picture 1 Picture 3 (if I can get a soft glow like this I will be happy)
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