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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback!! Actually I had a good few hours to light, it's just they didn't finish the ring until half my shooting time was gone so meant way less time to shoot the main sequence with all those people so didnt get quite a few closeups in the action I wanted but oh well...Also those hanging lights behind the ring were meant to be tungsten/incandescent but they bought none dimmable leds by accident. Far too bright so had to move them quite far back. Totally agree the "story" blows hard. It really fell apart when I had no time and client didnt wanna hire the main people for another day. So i'm treating it as more an example of lighting lol. Nice analysis of the guy at the desk. Again it was a rush and I decided to just use practical's already there such as an already hanging overhead tungsten par... I just attached some diffusion to soften it a little and probably hazed a bit much 🤣 Was also a lot of daylight leaking in as it was in the corner of a large factory actually. As you say onto the next one, nice experience!
  2. Thanks for your help guys. Think I got some ok shots, was actually rushed into 2 hours 😜
  3. Yes strangely I felt less pressure once they weren't ready and ended up 3 hours late... now i could only be a hero lol, shot off my shotlist like a machine gun, composition and perfect shots went to hell probably but it ended up looking ok!
  4. Thanks Satsuki! That was actually super rushed... quickly brought all my small leds around to focus red gels in the area but id lit around the whole factory as best as possible so i could get spot setups fast. I only had 2 hours for the above, aside from the typewriter/mechanical room shots which I did the day after.
  5. Hi guys, here's a few screenshots of the finished result. https://postimg.cc/gallery/06XwKV0 Can't share the video yet.
  6. Thanks for all your great advice guys, the shoot went very well aside from delays meaning I only had a 3 hour window lol 😞 I'll post in about 1 week here. I got them to install a dimmer on those downlight so i had them on a tiny amount and along with the practicals I think it all works well.
  7. I arrived there today and they did it without asking lol 😞 The owner had his own idea. I just dont know if they have enough power and maybe are cheap bulbs. They surprised me today and nobody could say what was inside of them. Just halogen is the only answer I got. Also, at the very best now I look at them, it's 8x 70w tungsten at best... vs my 4000w key the other day. Diffused it isnt going to do much.
  8. Not a bad idea Stephen! I don't know what bulbs are inside those pars though, whether they're good quality or not, also they seem quite cool and I think lacking the power I need for my low iso high speed shots. Shooting tomorrow so sort of out of time, that actually surprised me I was planning to hang an 800 w overhead for the wides for 1 solid beam down.
  9. Test shot for my wide. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the overhead softbox I got this. So I'll be using this for the wide and turning off those top lights and using a massive side light for the closeups. Tomorrow there will be 4 small tiki torches on the corners of the ring and i'll probably move the back big spotlight to point on the right side corner where there will be dancers on that boat. One more red rim light also. If anyones got any other ideas would be great 😄 Hope you guys think its good so far! P.s I added some grain already but its actually very clean. 400 iso in this shot.
  10. Yes, its the only option i have unfortunately! actually I do have a few more lights such as 650s i could maybe include but i think it will be ok. I'll use less or more diffusion etc accordingly. 4k should be more than enough. I was doing some tests today and will be able to get the diffusion surprisingly close to their heads, while still allowing me to get low angles pointing up from outside the ring so I think i should be able to get enough power out of the 4k.
  11. Thanks thanks 🙂 I only have the 2x 2k unfortunately so will have to see what I can do! But I mean adjusting distances should help for power.
  12. Oh wow more great ideas! So glad I posted here this has been some invaluable help thanks. I'll look into the dimmers! I was going to have the lights on their own pully to adjust the height for power with a marker for lowest safe setting. I also forgot that yellowing my keys will make my incandescent and flame practicals less orange/red when I shift wb in cam so I may try to add more blue to the background lights instead and keep my wb at 3000 or so. I'm a little worried it won't be bright enough for such a large softbox but as long as I can adjust the distance I can effectively pull the spread tighter if I have to is what I'm thinking as well as lowering the whole unit at times.
  13. Also planning to add 1/4 cto to the tungstens so I can set my white balance at 2000 kelvin for a super blue background.
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