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Mattebox for car commercials?

Rasmus Frostell

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Hi all, i'm wondering what the safest mattebox to put on a black arm / russian arm is for a car commercial where i assume the DOP will use polarizers and different filters while shooting. (And i want a clear filter in front of the lens for possible chips flying from the car we're filming.) Obviously i feel like a clamp on mattebox feels a bit risky. But wouldn't a mattebox with rods cause small vibrations near the lens while going at faster speeds?


What's your experience with this? What works, and what doesn't?




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You'd be fine with a clamp on, just secure it to the body. Arri LMB15/25/Pro have a hole on the bottom to allow a safety chain or rope to prevent the matte box from falling away from the body in case it does fall off.


Great, thanks i'll go for a clamp on then.

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