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  1. You could use a Teradek Serv, it's not ideal at all for operating. But a decent reference that you have in your pocket.
  2. Ok, if you connect the sdi from the SR3-output to the smallhd directly. Does that work? Then a workaround is Camera- SDI converter - smallhd In - Small HD out - teradek. Might work? 🙂
  3. Hi, I haven't used the smallhd as an onboard monitor on the SR3. But are you using an analog - SDI converter? That could be the issue. I usually use an atomos Samurai as onboard monitor that records internally for playback. And have had no issues. I usually use the wicam converter - https://www.wicam.pro/eng/a2s.html See the link for a similiar setup i had a while ago. https://imgur.com/a/XxLwnBG EDIT: Just saw that you're using a converter. Not sure then. Perhaps the SDI sends 480p or 720p and the smallhd is displaying 1080p?
  4. Not todays office but a week ago in the north of sweden. Heli Shoot woo! https://imgur.com/a/9igJ0hx
  5. Hi, i have a travel job coming up where we're shooting on 16mm. Since i've never done a travel job with film before i'm wondering how it works with the security and x-ray scanners. Can i ask security to hand-inspect the rolls in the dark bag or will they understand that it's film and have some kind of procedure for it? It's a 2 day shoot and we have 8 rolls of film.
  6. I personally like the new tvlogic monitors. They're pretty accurate and if one monitor is a bit off you can change picture settings in it. However for skintones i'd trust the exposure and check the falsecolor if you're using high end cameras.
  7. You propably have already tested this. But try getting a marker and fill in the dirty parts with new "paint". Then wipe. Usually works!
  8. Hi, I've seen a lot of AC's using their own FPV antennas on different types of wireless video links. It got me interested so i started researching the topic. But i couldn't find any answer in what scenarios it's beneficial with omnidirectional antennas instead of the standard (for example) teradek ones you get with the kit? Does the range improve? Or is the range the same but with less signal drop / weird effects? Teradek claims you can use any third party 5.8ghz antennas for some of their products but doesn't wanna give any recommendations. Also of course i don't want to fry any transmitters so is there anything you should think of before testing? The main reason i'd like to use it is to have "stubby" antennas on the transmitter to make my camera builds as compact as possible. Thanks!
  9. Thanks Loren! That's what i expected. Ive been in contact with Cmotion and they're gonna have a demo version at a retailer so i can try it out hopefully later this year.
  10. Hi everyone, i'm looking in to buying my own focus handset. Obviously i've been looking at the WCU-4 since it's the standard where i work and i'm really used to it. But then someone recommended the C-motion C Pro handset. (roughly the same price as a smaller used wcu-4 kit) Which i have never heard of until now. I looked it up and it looks really promising. But have any of you guys had any hands on experience with it? Would love to hear your thoughts on it. I'm also afraid that the second i get the wcu-4 arri releases a new system. Thanks! Rasmus
  11. I highly recommend the Cine RT & personally prefer it over the udm and cinetape. Their team at Focusbug is great and super helpful as well.
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