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Arri, Leica, Zeiss, Cooke, Century lenses for sale

Patrick Wally

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Hello fellow shooters!

I've gathered some special lenses over the years, which I now need to depart from, for a documentary film project which needs some funding.

Not in need to sell them all, so please be kind with your offers.



Century Precision Optics 6mm T1.9 Series 2000 Super 16 Arri PL Mount Film Lens

Glass is in excellent condition, no fungus, nothing visible inside the lens. Some sings of use on the mount and also on the outer body.


Arri Zeiss Superspeed Planar 50mm 1.2 PL T Coating S16 but Covers S35 (tested on Sony F55, Arri Alexa Mini, Canon C300 MkII)

Focus and Aperture are very smooth.


No haze or fungus. Some dust - but normal.


Only downside is there are circular cleaning marks/hairline scratches on the front glass, which don‘t show when shooting with it.


It covers not only S16 but also S35 which essentially makes it the cheapest S35 Arri HS 50mm lens and matches the „B-Speeds“.



it‘s in perfect condition. clean, no scratches, dust, fungus or anything. focus & aperture run smoothly. last e60 rom version of 1998.

this is some really rare lens in this condition and looks beautiful!


Cooke Speed Panchro 32mm Ser II

Mechanics are good, has collected some dust and particles inside, but don't show in the images.
A little yellowish, but not as much as others that age.
Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 1:2,8 Zoom - 22-154
This zoom covers S35.
It is a prototype, but actually works well.
It currently has no mount, but can easily be adapted.
One inner lens has separation. Also one inner lens has a small peck.
Both of these issues only visible in the bokeh.
This lens is quite unique. Probably more of a collectors item, but when someone services it, this thing has awesome specs!








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