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  1. Hi fellow film lovers! The ICG magazine published an article on our test in their July issue. Here's the link: https://issuu.com/icgmagazine/docs/july2023/18 Enjoy and thanks again for your interest! Best, David
  2. Hi guys, here's some more material from our ORWO test in March. David Jean did a best light style grade on this: Enjoy! Best, David
  3. Oh, I hear ya... and agreed, it's great movie!
  4. Gregory , gotcha, I can see how that huge chunk of glass would make it nose heavy, because, well it is rather light. And well, the note about coaxial would also be true for any camera with that type mag? Or is it just not that significant with, say a BL because it's so heavy? But yeah, all that being said no camera can do it all in my opinion! Best, David
  5. Oh wow, that's very interesting. I found it to be amazingly lightweight. It only weighs about 2 lbs more than my S16 Aaton. I love to handhold it. Also can't say I had the same experience with the finder, nor the video tap. I do agree that it's a small body and running AKS isn't as easy when you're used to a PV or an ARRI. We had to jury rig something when I used it to power the SD HD converter. When I someday buy one I'd probably build myself some form of an adapter plate for that.
  6. Hi Gregory! What were your issues with it? And no, AFAIK they don't have them any more. Best, David
  7. Hi Walt! Yeah, Danny (I think it was him) told me about you. Is your dad's name Wim? Are you on Facebook? We have a nice Aaton 35 group going there! Also, which Serial is yours? You can DM me if you don't want to post it here, we're trying to find all 48 cameras ever mode. Best, David
  8. I hear you, brother! Been there. Done that. Many times. I do get a bit better with age!
  9. I think you're overthinking it. Use common sense and you will be fine! I use the Peli because it's a safe case for transport and crazy people on set! ?
  10. Yeah it all depends. Where are you located? Most rental houses store them in their flight cases, but they also have quite controlled environments usually. So if you can have a humidity controlled locker that would be ideal. And well, the thing with Pelicases is that they're (almost) airtight and if it is humid in there it will stay that way and provide a good environment for fungus to grow.
  11. Hi guys, Webster asked me to post a pic of my "lens shelf" ? as he calls it. It's an IKEA cabinet with glass doors. When they're not in the Peli my glass lives there. But mind you I live in LA so humidity isn't an issue usually... Best, David
  12. Gruezi David! Let me know if you need more pictures or other information on the earlier XTRs. Mine (C1776) is an intermediate between the plus and the normal XTR. Best, David
  13. Servus Patrick! Haette Interesse am Cooke SP! Was stellst Dir in etwa vor?
  14. As far as we know they made 48. And we're trying to find where all of them are!
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