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  1. Hi there! I built two sets of Leica R's for a feature and now am looking to let go one of them, if there is demand right now. The set consists of: Leica R 19mm 2.8 V1 Leica R 21mm 4.0 Leica R 24mm 2.8 V1 Leica R 28mm 2.8 V1 Leica R 35mm 1.4 Summilux Leica R 50mm 1.4 Summilux Leica R 80mm 1.4 Summilux (optional) Leica R 90mm 2.0 (my second set consists of a lot more focal lengths, if you are looking to add more lenses) They are all from the same time period and match very well. All have been serviced, declic
  2. Hi! So I've got a few special lenses I am about to sell, or at least some of them. All of them are in excellent condition. Located in Vienna, Austria / but can send them anywhere you want. So here we go: Leica Leitz APO Summicron R 180mm f2.0 Very rare, and very beautiful. Would make an excellent addition to a Summilux-C or Summicron-C Set. It is in nearly perfect condition. Also this will cover larger than FF, this is an impressive lens & will be especially impressive on formats like Alexa 65 etc. Two very slight marks on the body a minimal shor
  3. Also got two regular Version 2 50mm Leica R Summilux in great working condition - one slightly better than the other - shoot me a message should you be interested!
  4. Hey! I am looking for a quick sell of a LEICA R LEITZ 50MM F1.4 SUMMILUX-R E60 ROM 11344 #899 It is the newest & last version of the Leica R Summilux from 1998. It's in perfect, mint condition. Clean, no scratches, dust, fungus or anything. Focus & aperture run smoothly. Last E60 ROM Version. The Leica store here in Vienna rated it category A (mint). It is sharp even wide open at 1.4. Really a great lens. Bought it out of curiosity, since it is a legendary lens. But now gonna be shooting a doc and have no use for it. Since I'm leaving on Wednesd
  5. Hey fellow shooters! Ive put the Superspeed 50mm and the Century 6mm Ive postes here earlier on ebay. Its ending soon - maybe some of you are interested! Best, Patrick Arri Zeiss Superspeed Planar Focal lenght 50mm Aperture 1.2 F Stop PL Mount Has T Coating It is a S16 lens but Covers S35! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.at%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192827361045 Century Precision Optics 6mm T1.9 Series 2000 Super 16 Arri PL Mount Film Lens https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.at%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F192827357009
  6. Hallo David, schlag mir gern mal was vor. Da gibts ja momentan Preise von / bis. In dem Fall wärs ja auch einfacher, weil dus dir einfach ansehen kommen könntest ;). Hast du schon selbst Panchros? Lg Patrick
  7. Hello fellow shooters! I've gathered some special lenses over the years, which I now need to depart from, for a documentary film project which needs some funding. Not in need to sell them all, so please be kind with your offers. Century Precision Optics 6mm T1.9 Series 2000 Super 16 Arri PL Mount Film Lens Glass is in excellent condition, no fungus, nothing visible inside the lens. Some sings of use on the mount and also on the outer body. Arri Zeiss Superspeed Planar 50mm 1.2 PL T Coating S16 but Covers S35 (tested on Sony F55, Arri Alexa Mini, Canon C300 MkII) Focus and Ape
  8. Hello! I am new to cinematography.com but very much enjoy getting to know the community! So I have a few lenses I would sell or trade - one is this - in my opinion really amazing S16 wide angle: I just don't use it often enough - so better off with someone who might need it regularly. Century Precision Optics 6mm T1.9 Series 2000 Super 16 Arri PL Mount Film Lens Super wide angle lens for Super 16 or cropped Sensors (like Red, F55, Blackmagic Pocket or S16 film etc). Very fast at T 1.9 with as little distortion as possible for a lens that wide. Has nearly 330 degrees focus throw
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