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I'm getting scratches in my CP-16r

Ricardo Garza

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I am getting yellow lines on my film, I checked the wheels they seem fine they spin, is it the gate ?

is it because i shot in expired film ? i hate it i shoot a 400ft roll and the yellow line is present in the whole film.

i wanna know whats wrong with my CP-16r, has anyone experienced with this problem before?



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Use some pristine expired film and shoot a quick scratch test - load as normal, then run through about 10 feet, mark the film with a sharpie to indicate where the gate is, then remove the film and carefully study it with a magnifying glass or loupe. If the camera is scratching, you will see exactly where the scratch begins relative to your gate mark, which will tell you which part of the camera is responsible - the gate, a sprocket roller, the pressure plate, film guides, the magazine, etc. Make sure the camera is clean.

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