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Photoflex Starlite/ Chimera Triolet output ; Barger alternative

Andrew Badillo

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Does anyone have metrics on the photoflex starlite or chimera triolet 1k's? I've used the triolet once, a few years ago and was wondering how the output compares to using Mole or Arri open face pars with the same modifier. Since they have much larger globes and are made specifically to use with softboxes I would think they have more punch. 


Also, the photoflex starlites use the same globes as the triolet so I would assume they have the same output. Photoflex has an interesting speedring that fits 4 starlites into 1 softbox, effectively making a cheap barger like setup.  The lamps go for about 50 bucks used, so you could potentially have a 4k soft light that can be run on household power. Anyone tried or seen this??


Side note I know tungsten is not in style but a lot of productions are still using it 🙂

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Hmm.    The Mole and Arri or any of the open face blondes and Redhead style lights--they have reflectors behind the globe and might have a better punch than a Triolite globe.

Triolite might fill the front diffusion better though.

kinda 2 different animals.

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