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Does the Eclair NPR camera support 35mm?

Kyle J. McElravy

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That's the Eclair Cameflex, it can shoot 16mm and 35mm.  The NPR and ACL are both 16mm only. 

Remember, there were quite a few 35mm cameras made; Bell and Howell, Mitchell, Eclair, Moviecam, Aaton, Arriflex and more. The camera body is the least of your concern. The cost is in the accessories, lenses, film stock, processing and transfer. 35mm is an extremely expensive format to shoot, it doesn't matter how much free stuff you get, it's extremely time consuming to deal with and time is money. I shoot a lot of 16mm and 35mm on a sometimes weekly basis and 16mm is on a different planet then 35mm in terms of ease of use. 

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