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mixing Amira with FS7


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Hey Everybody 

I have a question about the matching of different Cameras and Codecs.

We are just considering a reshoot for our feature film which wrapped last fall. 

The main footage was shot on an ARRI Amira on Log-C. With Zeiss High Speed primes and an Angenieux Optima Style 16-40 zoom.

Du to budget reasons, we won't be able to get the same package. The possibility we have is to shoot on an Sony FS7 MKI on Cine3/Slog3.

Has anybody any experience how this two codecs are coming together in grading, if we would use the same optics?

And what about the worst case option, the Sony 18-110G 4.0 FS7 Kit lens?


THX for sharing your experience!





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I worked on Road To The Winter Classic last fall and at least the home games for the Boston Bruins were shot with Amira and FS7 on at least one occasion.  If memory serves me correctly, they did not use those codecs and different lenses, but the footage looked very similar and great! I was very surprised at how well the Sony cut in with the Amira. See if you can watch that somewhere and watch the Boston footage. We are on standby for perhaps another go at it for the Stanley Cup. When on set I will inquire and report back here, which might be in two weeks.

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