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Never Grow Old

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Hi guys,


take a look at Never Grow Old by Kavanagh/McGrail.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Never_Grow_Old_(film)

I really liked it in tis gloomy, dark mood. Perfectly fitting this new 'auteur' post-western wave 

Someone claims the cinematography is really bad.

In my opinion that's quiet good, on the contrary.

McGrail used anamorphics but could not understand exactly which lenses. To me it looks like Panavision G or T Series.

Could not find any tech specs on the web. Is there someone who can tell more details?

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6 hours ago, Miguel Angel said:

Beautiful movie, saw it in cinemas at home. 

Piers' work is marvellous!!! He is a member of this forum so maybe he can chime in!! @Piers McGrail!! 🙂 

Have a lovely day!

Vow thanx for the info.

What can I say? Recently I read a review on the web - don't remember anymore where -, that was claiming the cinematography as bad and horrible.

I tried to defend the work furiously - don't bear this kind of stupid stuff - but received only mockering.

At least folks don't understand what they're looking at 


have a nice day you too

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