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  1. Hi guys, I'm grading some anamorphic footage shot on BMPCC4K on 2.8K anamorphic mode (sensor cropped to 4:3). I was wondering, adding film grain in post, which aspect ratio should I apply to the grain...
  2. Hi guys, I recently watched on TV Screen this very good sci-fi-horror movie. I was wondering which anamorphic lenses did they use, 'cause I did not find any topic on the web about it. I suspect these are Lomos. The file I got has an aspect ratio of 1:2,66 but found out on IMDb the classic 1:2,35. So I simply would like to got some precise informations about, if there's someone who knows something else. Thank everyone.
  3. Hi Piers,

    I just wrote a topic on this forum about your stunning Never Grow Old.

    I really enjoyed the movie and your marvelous cinematography.

    Wish I knew something more about tech specs, 'cause I could not find anything on the web.

    Camera? Lenses?

    Would argue that's Alexa with anamorphics... maybe Panavision G or T Series?

    Really I'd appreciate some details. Anyways thanx and congratulations again.


    riccardo vaia

  4. Vow thanx for the info. What can I say? Recently I read a review on the web - don't remember anymore where -, that was claiming the cinematography as bad and horrible. I tried to defend the work furiously - don't bear this kind of stupid stuff - but received only mockering. At least folks don't understand what they're looking at have a nice day you too
  5. Hi guys, take a look at Never Grow Old by Kavanagh/McGrail. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Never_Grow_Old_(film) I really liked it in tis gloomy, dark mood. Perfectly fitting this new 'auteur' post-western wave Someone claims the cinematography is really bad. In my opinion that's quiet good, on the contrary. McGrail used anamorphics but could not understand exactly which lenses. To me it looks like Panavision G or T Series. Could not find any tech specs on the web. Is there someone who can tell more details?
  6. The new Alexa Mini LF is the future, 😉 now present
  7. Hi guys, I really can't wait to see Villeneuve work about the Herbert's Dune chaotic stuff. The movie will be shot on anamorphics (maybe B series?), and some Panavision cameras, basing on the slate. Is anyone who knows which camera and lenses are they using? More details?
  8. Hey guys, I saw this movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQUAAJj8E_k ... well, what to say? That's the best picture I saw since a long, long time... Really a wonderful storytelling and a stunning cinematography... golden hour backlit with great DOF ... lomo and angenieux A2S absolutely well crafted. The plot starts with 13 minutes no spoken words, no voice over... only 'pure cinema'!!! And goes on with no banality at all... ​Really surprising tho see a movie like that nowadays. I recommend Appreciate to know more skills about it, if someone has info... thanx
  9. Yeah, I can compare The Beguiled to The Others in terms of low lit, but I guess The Beguiled is even more dark, with the characters often silhouetted and the environment somber and as intertwined with a sort of ash-light... I was not criticize that on the contrary to me it looked very beautiful. I guess that 'The Others' is less pushed to under-exposure: if you look at the characters faces it's such good exposed; 'The Beguiled' reveals - in some scenes - a way enough different to expose the characters: they are deeply overwhelmed by a dark haze
  10. Yeah I agree no need for that remake, but I was wondering about those under-exposures... to me looking very stylish... really dark, somber sequences... Do you like and first of all do you subscribe as cinematographers such so low lighting?
  11. Hi guys, i recently watched The Beguiled by Sofia Coppola, cinematographed by Philippe Le Sourd and was stunned by the large numbers of under-exposed frames and sequences. I loved that look especially in candle-lighted interior... Did you see the movie? What do you think about the stylish dark-somber look? I add some jpgs 'cause not so much time to grab some tiff from resolve ;-)
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