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FS: ARRI CHROSZIEL FILM GEAR - Shoulder rig, Matte box and more

Matthias Greving

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Lot's of great film gear for sale. Everything is well maintained!!

Please make an offer and send me a PM!


Click here for pictures: https://www.zonerama.com/Link/Album/5045829

ARRI MCL 4 - Timecode machine SN: 32
ARRI S-3 Shoulder Rig, Geweih
ARRI Heated eyecup HE 3
ARRI Frenchflag 4x4
ARRI ARRI Timecode cable BNC (AUDIO) to Fischer (KAMERA)

Cases and adaptors (lens rings for matte boxes)


Chrosziel Follow Focus Checked and serviced Follow Focus for 15mm rods, with handles/wheels on both sides, one can be removed if not needed.

Chrosziel Matte Box – 15mm rods with Frenchflag, one fixed, one filter stage fixe, one rotating, swing-away, 15mm rods

NORRIS Intervalometer ARRI SR3 Complete set for stop motion or special effects photography with ARRI SR 3 cameras.
These intervalometers are hard to find. Took me two years to get one. But since I only used it on very few projects it is time to sell it.
This Intervalometer kit comes with motors for Arri SR's as well as the large capping shutter with 15mm rod mount to prevent any light pollution/fogging on your film.

SCC-300 Time-lapse Controller
Motor For Arri SR (1,2, Or 3)
24V 3 Pin to 4 Pin Power Cable
12V 4 Pin to 4 Pin Power Cable
Controller/Remote Cable

Sachtler tripod (100mm), Video 18 III head It's in good shape, works absolutely smooth and is ready to shoot.



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