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Selling / Distributing formats 2k, UHD or 4k

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As camera's keep coming out with higher and higher resolution models (far beyond what our eye can resolve) and with company/studios like Netflix trying to force content creators to film their content in 4k (claiming to want to "future-proof" their investment).... Do any of you have any strong opinions on this and/or have you heard of anyone or you yourself not been able to sell your film BECASE it wasn't UHD or 4k (obviously SD has some hurdles)...

I am considering filming some doc stuff  while abroad for a year in Sri Lanka (a feature included) using a Super-16 lens (Canon 8-64) in a windowed 2.5k cropped sensor (from a 4k BMP4k) as I think the focal range, the character, sharpness and speed will be the "perfect" lens while abroad... However I am nervous about the workflow (that is unless BMD decides to offer a S16 Windowed mode which they really should) and or having a hard time selling it once it is completed realistically 3+ years down the road.

Any thoughts?

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Definitely SD is over and done. Gone. 

8K is pointless 99% of the time. (and 16K pointless 99.99% of the time!)

Remember that the vast majority of the top class premium films are being done with an ARRI ALEXA with a sensor which is a bit less than 4K. So the lack of 4K isn't a total deal breaker, but if you can get it, why not??


On 4/16/2019 at 1:48 PM, Shawn Convey said:

using a Super-16 lens (Canon 8-64) in a windowed 2.5k cropped sensor (from a 4k BMP4k)

I wouldn't use a BMPC4K for filming a doco with! 

First you are limited to only ISO 400 (am assuming here you mean the BMPC4K like you said, and not the BMPCC4K which is a totally different camera from BMD)
Second of all it is an awkward form factor, and bulk. 
Third, handling audio with it by yourself will kinda suck. 

Why not get the Sony X70 instead? They go for cheap cheap on eBay. They're 4K (with the upgrade key), with a 12x optical zoom (much greater range than the Canon!), is basically as fast as your Canon lens with f2.8 (slows down a bit at the long end though), has optical stabilization, has built in NDs, XLR inputs, solid battery life, is very small and compact, etc


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The x70 is an awesome light doc camera with built in ND and a wonderful ziess lens. Fantastic travel camera and yeah you can upgrade it to 4k, though the 1080 image downrezzed from the 4k sensor is really sharp and crystal clear.  

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