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Aerial Cinematography Reel Australia

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I'm relatively new to drone (18 months) but have found that once you have learned the controls it simply becomes another "tool in the box", another way of placing your lens in different or unusual places. I have a passion for landscape and enjoy trying to tweak the HLG (HDR) format to its full potential. Still learning but enjoying the ride.  https://vimeo.com/335046212

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Clicking on your link brings the vimeo video up. I'd say it was well shot and the images are stunning though I would have appreciated some feeling of speed on some of the shots. Perhaps speed them up in post or get closer to the ground to bring more excitement to the viewer.  In some of the shots like the first scene   there's nothing more to see after the first few seconds as the camera slowly moves up the image. On other scenes like the ones with people, I wanted  to get closer and see more.

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Thanks Bob, My guess is the speed question is one that would vary by the perception of the viewer and their environment. Here life is slow-paced and a long-lingering look is just fine, but I definitely get your view of it from New Jersey! You're not the first to make that comment. Agreed on the people but I have to work within the legalities of how close we are allowed to bring drones to humans, so hands tied there. As an afterthought on the speed question one of my last big jobs was with Werner Herzog on his new feature doc "Nomad" and he is a big fan of the long duration shot! Maybe I've caught something!

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Great footage! Love it. Made me think that there's still a place left in filmmaking for helicopter shots, though much more expensive. Like the opening shot of We of the Never Never which I've always loved (combined with that soundtrack score) - a very fast shot that I don't think a drone could ever do. I've been aware of your work before Chris, through a friend of mine Mark Harwood. Beautiful colours around Alice Springs.

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Thanks Jon, yes please give my regards to Mark. I'm sure we'll work together again! I can go a lot faster with the drone (about 70km/hr) but don't choose to in most cases, although when I am in a particular location I get those shots "in the can" as well as options for my 4K stock footage business. I was down in the Simpson Desert a couple of days back and was running the drone as low as you can go and it is incredible how that can look incredibly fast without any post tricks. Fast shots are tricky though for excessive motion blur when shooting at 25P. As far as the colours go I'm shooting in a BBC/NHK developed HDR 10 bit format called HLG and I'm very happy with the palette for such a small camera system. Helicopters? Personally we haven't had to call one in for 3 years now. Last time was for a blue chip Netflix nature series "Our Planet" where we needed to use a Shotover at Lake Eyre at 8000 feet, and we will again in a few months for a new Qantas TVC at Uluru, but mostly drones rule the air now!

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