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A LUT that mimics 320T 5277

John Salami

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Looking to mimic 320T 5277,with a custom picture LUT,on my C300 Mii.

I have the film stocks spatial frequency, relative log exposure, and wavelength (nm) and access to a testing facility.

Could this info be transformed into a custom picture setting? I havent seen any exact LUT,in my research.

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You can try. In the end, this sort of thing is very dependent on how the original digital footage is exposed and exactly how the capabilities of the digital and photochemical systems compare. It'll always end up being a bit approximate, and I don't think, for instance, that you'll find there's much value in pursuing an emulation of one particular film stock. If you're trying to emulate that film stock because it was used on a production whose pictures you like, the other things associated with that production - the production design, lighting, and especially grading - are likely to have an overwhelmingly greater influence on what the pictures end up looking like than the minutiae of how one stock looks against another.

But given all that, sure. You could shoot some test charts with the camera to establish roughly how its luminance and saturation behaviour work, and mathematically combine that information with the data you have on the film, and end up with something that was, on paper, a film stock emulation. It's not particularly unusual to use generic LUTs to do things broadly like that but, as I say, it's fraught with difficulty and I'm not sure how much value it would have other than as an academic exercise, as opposed to just, you know, grading your stuff to taste.


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