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Storage & Preservation of Motion Picture Film - Kodak

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No, there are 82 pages. If you got slow internet you have to download to view them. It is not a pdf, they are hi-res jpeg scans of each page. And even if you are able to view the jpegs at the Archive, they do not present sequentially. 

Sometimes the Archive makes pdf's of my uploads. If and when they do that you can view easier. But best advice is to download the collection and make your own pdf if you like. I don't have the time to make pdf, I just upload jpegs.

In 2018 I made +/- 27,000 scans, plus all my other work. I'm just a one man show, no help or $$ from anyone, no time to do it all so corners get cut.  

Good luck!

Edited by Daniel D. Teoli Jr.
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