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Highly reflective (mirror effect) dance floor

Chad Mahadevan

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Does anyone have a vendor who makes custom dance floors? I'm looking for a highly reflective 12x12' black acrylic plexi dance floor, as we're trying to accomplish a mirror-effect with talent. I have vendors that rent/sell 4x8', but I'm looking for a seamless 12x12'. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.


- Chad 

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7 hours ago, Phil Connolly said:

I guess it would need to be a solid poured floor rather then sheets, maybe some kind of epoxy that could be polished. 

It might be more practical to use the sheets and paint out the seams in post. 

Yeah, we're most likely to go this route, as I'm trying to steer the creative towards a less mirror-like effect and more of a standard reflection. Also white other than black flooring...

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