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400' mags for the ACL I

Gregg MacPherson

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I was just looking at the new Eclair website at   https://eclaircameras.wordpress.com/acl-vs-acl-ii/

Where I learned that the ACL I with the original small motor was only suitable for the 200' magazines.

I'd like to emphatically refute this. The English 400' mag was designed especially to run on ACL I with the small thomson motor. It has a low current draw, not much different to the 200' mag.  The only way that a motor could overload with this mag is if the mag had very old dried out grease with high friction, or some other thing compromised in the total system, including the camera body, giving too much friction.

In the 80s I had an ACL I with the small Thomson motor and used 400' English mags, shot maybe over 100 rolls at with it, no problems. The camera and mags were regularly serviced by an experienced guy.

Boris Belay is involved with that website. I thought he and Ermut would know this stuff.


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