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  1. Did you ever find out who got the parts? I'm looking for the 75fps motor and orientable viewfinder, either Kinoptik or Angenieux.
  2. Would i be fine with the french 400' mags? I have an ACL 1.5 with the Thomson motor and just bought the mag. Hope to somehow source the 75fps motor eventually.
  3. Anything still available? I'm looking for some Eclair ACL parts, i'll send you a message.
  4. killer, thank you! now on to the other things i need
  5. Does that handle just screw right into the camera?
  6. Thank you! I don't feel like making a battery so i may just get one custom made with an XLR connector from battery space.
  7. How's it going, just bought an ACL 1.5 and i'm in need of some parts. ergonomic handle top carrying handle 75fps motor battery with XLR port to hook up to the camera and be mounted on the magazine with velcro If you have anything or have any leads please let me know! Best, Christopher
  8. Was thinking about getting one of these as my first R8 camera, wonder if the cassettes are easily loaded..
  9. Maybe just go with the Canon if thats yr favorite off the list... 320asa is less than one stop over exposed and i don't think thats a bad thing for 500T, i've heard you can get finer grain and better color saturation if you overexpose one stop. you can easily just open up the lens if you really need to be shooting at 500asa
  10. Looking to buy a Minette S-5 viewer in good shape. Lemme know if you have one
  11. Well,, Joe doesn't seem to want to sell me his nautica parts so anyone else have them?
  12. still looking for the handle,, also looking for the orange viewfinder the camera originally comes with. lemme know if you got one
  13. How's it! Looking for someone who can scan 2 tri-x super 8 films and possibly prep for telecine? I'm waiting on getting the film back from processing at spectra film and video and i wasn't able to have them do the prep for telecine because they have a minimum charge... If yr willing to do it i'd be happy to pay for yr time. Just looking to save some money. Best, Christopher
  14. Anyone have any experience with Film Photography Project's super 8 scans? Seems like they're one of the cheapest around. My first roll i was lucky enough to get scanned for free from a guy on this forum,, but the dude isn't really active on here anymore which is a bummer.. /:
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