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  1. How's it! Looking for someone who can scan 2 tri-x super 8 films and possibly prep for telecine? I'm waiting on getting the film back from processing at spectra film and video and i wasn't able to have them do the prep for telecine because they have a minimum charge... If yr willing to do it i'd be happy to pay for yr time. Just looking to save some money. Best, Christopher
  2. Anyone have any experience with Film Photography Project's super 8 scans? Seems like they're one of the cheapest around. My first roll i was lucky enough to get scanned for free from a guy on this forum,, but the dude isn't really active on here anymore which is a bummer.. /:
  3. I've got the camera, just looking for the bottom handle part to make it easier to hold while filming. If ya got the part let me know!
  4. I’ll look into the R10. Whats the differences between the R10 models?
  5. thanks for the insight! i may just end up looking into cameras with a good zoom lens, or the nikon r10. What do you think about the Canon 1218? Seems like it would be good for surfing shots from the beach.
  6. i like the nizo’s but the highest film speed it reads is only 160asa. I want something that can go up to 400 to 600 asa. Manually being able to adjust film speed seems like it would save the of headache trying to figure out what the camera is actually going to be exposing the film as. Is the 4008 really the only true variable speed? i thought other brands made cameras with this option and i’ve heard that beaulieu’s require good maintenance in order to work well, something i can’t afford.
  7. actually, nevermind. i can’t seem to find out how to delete this post. i’ll be looking for super 8 camera recommendations first before posting a WTB
  8. any recommendations for some good sharp super 8 cameras that enable me to manually adjust the speed of the film? a good zoom lens or interchangeable lens ability would be a plus, but i dunno if i can afford one that allows for changing lenses. I have a Nizo S 560 and im looking for a step up. my budget is around $300 or less. thanks!
  9. hows it, im looking for a fully working beaulieu 6008. let me know what ya got. best, christopher
  10. Thanks for the link to the manual Mr. Dunn! So I would only set the camera to the PMA mode if I were wanting to film some macro shots or if I had the PMA wide angle lens attachment (which I don't have)? And according to the manual, It says on a sunny day with the lens set to 9mm focal length the image would be in focus from 0.5 meters to infinity. Is this correct? Sorry if its a dumb question. I've heard of people getting films back that are all out of focus and I'd hate for that to happen to me. What's a good substitute for the Eumig grease used for the O-ring? Thanks! Also, if anybody has the hand grip for this camera, the PMA wide angle lens or cork float that they would be willing to sell me please shoot me a message.
  11. I just got a Eumig Nautica with no lens attachments or anything. I plan on using it for surfing shots. What are the focus ranges for this camera? Will I need any lens attachments for it to work properly in the situation I'm using it in? A manual for this camera would be greatly appreciated. I can't seem to find one anywhere! Any advice would help! Thanks!
  12. No worries! Thank you for the advice! I'll keep it in mind
  13. Yes I'm located in Cypress CA and my name is Christopher Lee.. I was aware of using my real name when I set up the account.
  14. That sounds great! Just out of curiosity, why do you guys have a $100 minimum?
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