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TV-LOGIC 058 - Bracket for Teradek and Gold Battery

Kevin Gourvellec

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I'm looking for a solution to power my TV-Logic 058 with Gold battery and get a spacer for put my Teardek.
I know Bebob doing something but it's very expensive and Mediablackout offer somtehing similar...
Hawk Woods in England have something interesting but just in V-Mount....
What's your TV-Logic setup?
I'm bored to change Sony battery every hour...


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I run my 058w with Hawk woods mini vlocks - getting about 2 hours from the 50wh version with teradek plugged in. I usually have this attached to my HU3 in a run and gun type setup. With the 98wh betteries it does get a bit heavy. I haven't had any issues with v-lock plates outside of really beat up rental cameras so I wouldn't worry about the battery falling off. It's a really positive lock these days.

I think a full size Gold mount would be quite a lot to swing from the back of the monitor with a teradek on there as well. If you already have Gold mount and you're on a stand most of the time, maybe a bracket that attaches to a stand to power everything. Then for run and gun, put that on a tac vest or in a bag?

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