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Sony F23 Cinealta Camera w/ Extras

Mike Krumlauf

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Selling my Sony F23 with IF Box and Zacuto Baseplate. L Handle is permanently secured onto the body and can not be removed. Camera is in mint working condition and delivers a beautiful image. Asking $1900 (or best offer). Shoots native 1920X1080 Progressive or Interlaced frames. Both PsF modes and I modes available. Color space can be controlled to 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 RGB. In Camera frame ramping from 1-60fps can be done via optional SRW1 Deck (not included), but can shoot 60p via an external recorder that supports it.


(I also have a fully functional Sony SRW1/SRPC1 Combo that has the 102 and 103 board installed for 4:4:4 frame ramping and 60p recording. Works great with the F23. Asking $800 obo for that. Email me for pictures of that unit)

Comes with the following

-Sony F23 Body
-Sony IF Box for F23/35 (this allows XLR Audio and 4:4:4 color space via dual link connection HD SDI).
-Zacuto Universal Baseplate
-L Handle for Sony F23 (the unit is permanently secured onto the camera and can not be removed)
-Sony F23/35 Asst Panel with connection cable

No viewfinder, power source or lens, rails are included in this sale.

Feel free to ask me any questions. The quickest way to contact me is digitaltproductions@gmail.com Please, all emails are for this sale only, no solicitation or spam.

I accept Paypal, Vemno, Google Wallet for payment. No checks, No Money Orders. If you are in the Denver area, I can meet you in person and will accept cash.

Thanks for looking.



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Just now, Bruce Greene said:

I have a nice Fujinon 4.5-59mm cinema style B4 mount zoom lens if your buyer is interested 🙂

Like this one:  https://www.adorama.com/fuhac13x45b.html  But much lower price 🙂 🙂 🙂 

The gentlemen I sold it to has a bunch of Zeiss Digiprimes so I think he's set. :D

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