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    OG from Chicago, Currently In Denver
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    Sony HDW-F900R, Panasonic AJ-HDC27H Varicam, Zeiss 6-24mm Digizoom, Canon HJ21x7.5 Cine Lens
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    Got my first camera in 1999. Started freelancing in 2003. Made my first award winning film in 2017. I've owned and operated over 50 cameras ranging in size, format, etc. I tend to be old school, swearing behind the tried and true original HDCAM format from Sony. After 20 years of following trends, working with resolutions from 480i to 6K, my personal investments have been on the very first digital cinematic format co developed by sony/panavision/lucasfilm. Im an artist, but im also a gear nerd. Some men have their cars.. I have my cameras :b

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  1. OK I need model numbers to follow on ebay. Ones that Can handle the weight. Telling me what something sold for awhile ago without any model or weight information isnt going to help me. There are a few vinten heads made for lighter weight cameras like DSLRs or Mini DV Cameras...
  2. I have a Sony HDW-F900R and Panasonic AJ-HDC27H Varicam fully kitted out with rails, follow focus and the zeiss digizoom and canon hj21x7.5 lenses. Im looking for a tripod head under $500 used that could properly accommodate the weight of my kits. My current one from Benro barely does the job well. Any ideas? My budget is very tight.
  3. That is one of the big advantages. Their are many more... seriously the R is leaps and bounds an all around better camera than the original F900. The body itself is even lighter than my Varicam H. Oh bruce, speaking of that, I got a Zeiss Digizoom and a Canon HJ21x7.5 Cine lens for my Varicam H and F900R :)
  4. I've owned 1 Original F900, 2 F900/3s, one of which was the Panavision Model, and I currently own the F900R So i'm well versed in that lineage of camera. Why do you ask?
  5. All of those films were the F900 not the R. Dogville was the F900/3 Yes, but there is IMHO quite enough of a difference in the images and toolset to warrant them to be two different cameras The 900R has far better dynamic range handling and an overall cleaner image.
  6. Looking for features done on the F900R. Only one I know of is Rachel Getting Married.
  7. ...and let me tell you, it is leaps and bounds better than the original 900. I have a 900R and its a beautiful and lightweight camera.
  8. Looking at investing in a very nice cine zoom for my Varicam H and i'm stuck between these two brands. I know both are known to be very reliable and sharp with good contrast, I was interested to see if anyone out there could sway me in one direction? Is their any real benefit to the extra cost for the Zeiss lens? Are they really as good as people claim they are?
  9. Anybody archive the old videos about the genesis like the film test Allen Daviau did, or the one talking about the camera with shots of Dom working it on a stedicam outside the panavision offices? Trying to collect all the old videos that Panavision had on their website. Thanks.
  10. Are their any products available to the public that would allow cameras with a PV Dovetail on the bottom be adapted to a threaded mount fluid head?
  11. Is there a 2x converter for s16 Ang. Lenses to put them on 35mm cameras but keeping their universal sub mount?
  12. I believe there are a few Modified Nikon Zooms and Primes with PV mounts out in the wild. Finding them is a whole nother story...
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