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  1. I have no idea if I am posting this in the right place here, felt the editing subgroup was the closest bet. I'm looking for a device that can carry a 1080p 24psf Dual Link 4:4:4 signal via HD SDI and convert that to Thunderbolt so my M1 Mac can ingest it as Prores files. I know their are single link HD SDI to Thunderbolt boxes and DAs but I am having a hard time finding one that can do Dual Link.
  2. If I could, do you think I would have asked for help here? I did what was said in that guide and nothing changed. Granted I’m working with arriraw stills not motion files as I don’t have anything to record arriraw on..
  3. Interested to know if the alexa has hidden service menus like that of say the Sony F900 or other professional cameras?
  4. Really? Nobody? Bueller... Bueller?
  5. My Alexa has 2 small black dead pixels in the frame. Its nothing to loose sleep over, as I can easily fix the issue in Davinci, but I know ARC has a Pixel Mapping feature and I was wondering if this was effective in treating dead pixels and what the proper steps would be to give it a shot? Does the Alexa have a black balance feature or is the sensor temperature controlled? Any tips on how I could resolve this issue in camera would be appreciated. I'll add that I'd love to send the camera to ARRI for inspection but I can't afford that.
  6. Thanks Phil. I will look into that one. I was looking at cineroid and some discontinued Small HD viewfinder/monitor hybrids.
  7. Been awhile since i've posted on here.. nice to be back 🙂 My question is , I purchased an Arri Alexa Classic body that does not come with the traditional EVF1. I was looking to see if any of you could recommend to me a third party viewfinder that would be a good substitute for the EVF1? I did see an EVF1 on ebay but i dont have almost 2500 bucks to drop on a VF at the moment. i'm assuming no third party will use the camera's lemo VF port so Im guessing all options for me would be HD SDI?
  8. Confused by your question? You didnt mention what frame rate you were wanting to record in? If you are confused by the "4444" that is not your frame rate, its the flavor of Apple Prores.
  9. Just seeing this, sorry, have not been on this website in awhile. Yes I did and they reacted near the same. No noticeable difference between the 2 cameras. The genesis is a relic and a rare gem of a camera if you can find one but the F35 is by far better than the Genesis all around.
  10. Take a look at ebay, 2 or 3 bodies with IF boxes I believe are available. Best of luck to you! Its a great camera !
  11. I am shooting a feature on PAL PD150s in New Orleans in 2 months and I am avidly trying to track down these handles. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/551970-REG/Ugrip_UG_MA04_UG_MA04_Diamond_MOS_Stabilizer.html/overview I use to have them long ago for a HVX200 I had and they were fantastic. I know UGRIP doesnt exist anymore so if anyone has these lying around or know of a more modern substitute I would be eternally grateful.
  12. I am currently shooting some stuff on good ol Mini DV on the Canon XL1 and Sony PD150 (both PAL models of the camera) and im looking to finish the material in NTSC 23.98p. No audio is needed, im just curious what is the best way in 2020 to convert PAL interlaced video to NTSC 24p Progressive with as minimal of resolution loss as possible? Heres my capture process. Capture using the Panasonic AJ HD1400 Deck via HD SDI blow up & AJA Kona 3 Card set at 1080i25 (some reason that capture card doesnt have a 1080i50 mode) Edit in FCP 7
  13. Hello, I'm trying to track down a Canon XL mount relay lens for the Mini 35 series 300 or 400 adapter. If you or someone you know has one lying around collecting dust, please email me at digitaltproductions@gmail.com Thanks :)
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