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    OG from Chicago, Currently In Denver
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    Panavision HD900 (panavised HDW-F900/3)
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    Got my first camera in 1999. Started freelancing in 2003. Made my first award winning film in 2017. I've owned and operated over 50 cameras ranging in size, format, etc. I tend to be old school, swearing behind the tried and true original HDCAM format from Sony. After 20 years of following trends, working with resolutions from 480i to 6K, my personal investments have been on the very first digital cinematic format co developed by sony/panavision/lucasfilm. Im an artist, but im also a gear nerd. Some men have their cars.. I have my cameras :b

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  1. Yes for the most part. I can send pics of all components and ends that need to be connected. Will Do. Thanks
  2. I need to find someone that can make a 11pin JST male to 10pin LEMO Male for the control panel for my HD900. I really don't want to have to resort to putting the stock front face on my camera as I find it flimsy and weak compared to the metal PV front plate. Any help would be most appreciated.
  3. is it possible to get the menu data from the F900/3 to output through the Miranda DVC800 back to an HD SDI monitor? I'm having the hardest time trying to figure this out.
  4. Thats the newer HDCA's that do MPEG.. the 901 is almost 20 years old and only does XLR audio and HD SDI. They are not worth anywhere near $300.. the newer ones, yes i agree
  5. I dont think it is for it's age. I had one this time last year and paid $175 for it.. I returned it because the fuse blew in it and it would not turn on.
  6. I am looking for a Sony HDCA 901 back for my HDW-F900/3. I am able to offer a little over $100 for it so to anyone who has one collecting dust but still in operational condition and wants an extra $100 in their pocket, email me at digitaltproductions@gmail.com and lets see if we can make a deal and you can help me out. Thanks :)
  7. Anyone have a copy of this I can relive? .mac is way out of date.
  8. Seeing if any of you had any Gamma, operator, scene files from the F900/3 camera you'd be willing to share? I have the digital praxis and Kodak curves already.. seeing if anyone ever made any custom ones themselves in CVP editor, or any unique full scene files? Thanks.
  9. I know this is going to be a huge longshot but does anyone by chance have the showreel Panavision put together for the HD900F in the early 21st century? Also, i know Panavision had a "Digital Imaging" shirt for awhile with the HD900F on it.. looking for one for myself. Basically any promotional material you might have for the HD900 I would love to see it purely for nostalgic reasons. Thanks :)
  10. Looking for the Sony HDCA 901 Back for the F900 camera. If anyone has one lying around, happy to take it off your hands for the right price. Thanks!
  11. David, given you used the panavision model quite a lot back in the day.. did you adhere to keeping the knee off and sticking to panavisions default settings or..? :)
  12. I was thinking of that.. if i was still living in my homeland of Chicago where i had contacts at Panavision, VER, Keslow, probably would be a good idea but im really not that familiar with the outfits in Denver here and there are very few of them. If i was still in Chicago I would just take my camera over there and have them help me.
  13. Could you read off the names of the gammas in the menu? Maybe i can track them down online?
  14. I still need to see it! Looks great and i've been a lifelong redford fan. even as a director.. that film Ordinary People he shot in Lake Forest, Illinois is one of my favs
  15. Dang. Did you make them or buy them/download them somewhere?
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