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    OG from Chicago, Currently In Denver
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    Sony F23 with SRW1/SRPC1 Recorder
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    Got my first camera in 1999. Started freelancing in 2003. Made my first award winning film in 2017. I've owned and operated over 50 cameras ranging in size, format, etc. I tend to be old school, swearing behind the tried and true original HDCAM format from Sony. After 20 years of following trends, working with resolutions from 480i to 6K, my personal investments have been on the very first digital cinematic format co developed by sony/panavision/lucasfilm. Im an artist, but im also a gear nerd. Some men have their cars.. I have my cameras :b

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  1. Thanks for the info. To be fair, im coming from the tape varicam, f900, and sony f23 with srw world, so the weight should not be an issue for me. I know its lighter by a bit than the F23/SRW combo.. that camera is a tank. I'll be sure to let you guys know what I end up purchasing when that time comes.
  2. Nice to hear from you again Bruce. Thanks for the tips :)
  3. So I am looking at possibly purchasing an ARRI ALEXA Classic sometime in the coming month or so (if all pans out) and I was just curious from current or previous owners what the pros and cons were? Is it any heavier than an ENG Cinema Camera like the old F900? Are their companies who make nikon or ef mounts for the body or am I stuck with PL Glass? I've wanted to dive into the ARRI pool as an owner since the beginning of my film journey in 1999, but just never had the resources to get one.
  4. Yes, very different. The sensors in the F23 and 35 are far superior to that in the F900 and F900R. The F900 does not natively have SLOG either, it needs to be remade in CVP FIle Editor.
  5. Honestly it cant... not like the F23 or F35. I had a Panavisied F900 and its "Log" was nothing compared to what the F23 and F35 can do. Also the 10bit 4:2:2 had CCD artifacting that was a pain in the butt to deal with. The F900's sensor was not built for true log.. its stuck in the REC709 world. If you pushed the hell out of it like you can the 23 and 35 you just got a useless noisy image.
  6. Just interested in the steps other users took in grading SLog as there are no (that I know of) LUTs created for SLog 1.
  7. Ended up getting a Fujinon HD Zoom. Very sharp! Love the image!
  8. All I needed to hear. Excited to see the F23's world through one soon :)
  9. So how do you personally like the digis? How do they stack up to other HD 2/3" lenses in terms of overall picture quality? Some of my friends say they are the best, nothing beats them... what are your thoughts?
  10. Lol I dont blame you. Dont buy the 7mm or 14mm.. those are the two im set on friday lol 😄
  11. If you can throw me out some numbers that are lower than what ebay is listing them for i'd be interested lol. I'm still figuring out what focal length I want to start with first as I only have the money to buy one.... email me digitaltproductions@gmail.com
  12. I picked up a Sony F23 & SRW1/SRPC1 a few months back and am in love. Looking at getting my first DigiPrime this weekend once I get paid. Really is an amazing camera...
  13. The SRW came in two flavors.. the 2/3" model and the PL version which was the 35mm sensor. To my understanding, unlike the F23 and F35.. the SRW had SLog but not S-Gamut. I frankly like the build of the F23/35 better.. the SRW9000 is just too beefy and to my understanding really went nowhere... havent seen much done with one..
  14. I figured it out and its a stupid reason. I unziped the panasonic file from a windows folder and prepared the cards that way and the varicam let me update.
  15. I've followed the directions to a tee.. tried multiple SDHC cards to load the firmware and no matter what i do the "update" option is not showing up in the P2 Menu. I've tried a 69mb, 32gb, and 16gb SDHC card. Ive called Panasonic tech support and even they are baffled.. what could I be doing wrong? Is there a specific model of SD card I need for the camera to recognize the firmware?
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