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  1. I believe there are a few Modified Nikon Zooms and Primes with PV mounts out in the wild. Finding them is a whole nother story...
  2. I am in a unique situation so I dont know the luck I will have but I am giving it a shot. I am looking for a lens that has the Universal Sub Mount on the back that can work with the Duclos Universal Flange adapter. My budget is quite low at around 1100 total but if anyone has anything around that price or cheaper that they are willing to cut me a deal on please get in touch. Thank you. Also, If you have a lens that by chance has a PV back mount, I would be interested in that as well.
  3. It did look underexposed to me.. quite a bit actually.
  4. He did send me examples but I dont want to share anything of his without his okay. The images he sent me, he told me it was on a digiprime wideopen. Any advice you can send would be appreciated. I never ran into things like this.
  5. So the gentleman who bought my Sony f23 is getting quite a bit of noise in his image across multiple gamma tables at 0rb gain using a 1/50th shutter. I personally never ran into any significant noise problems with the camera at that low of dB signal, so my question is why is he getting it and what can he do to resolve it? hes using digiprimes and recording to an atom is samurai blade via the if box and importing into Sony Vegas and/ or davinci
  6. Would any of you by chance know the dimensions of the back of the PV mount in this picture? I have a friend trying to make me a PV lens adapter and he needs these dimensions listed in this photograph. Thanks 🙂 https://ibb.co/56z046c
  7. The gentlemen I sold it to has a bunch of Zeiss Digiprimes so I think he's set. :D
  8. I would like to dig up this old post and actually find an answer to it. Which camera has the better color repo. and DR on a technical level, the Viper or F23. I understand more films were shot on the viper but the viper had a longer street life than the F23 as the F23 was replaced by the F35 fairly quickly, so people ignored the 23.
  9. Selling my Sony F23 with IF Box and Zacuto Baseplate. L Handle is permanently secured onto the body and can not be removed. Camera is in mint working condition and delivers a beautiful image. Asking $1900 (or best offer). Shoots native 1920X1080 Progressive or Interlaced frames. Both PsF modes and I modes available. Color space can be controlled to 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 RGB. In Camera frame ramping from 1-60fps can be done via optional SRW1 Deck (not included), but can shoot 60p via an external recorder that supports it. (I also have a fully functional Sony SRW1/SRPC1 Combo that has the 102 and 103 board installed for 4:4:4 frame ramping and 60p recording. Works great with the F23. Asking $800 obo for that. Email me for pictures of that unit) Comes with the following -Sony F23 Body -Sony IF Box for F23/35 (this allows XLR Audio and 4:4:4 color space via dual link connection HD SDI). -Zacuto Universal Baseplate -L Handle for Sony F23 (the unit is permanently secured onto the camera and can not be removed) -Sony F23/35 Asst Panel with connection cable No viewfinder, power source or lens, rails are included in this sale. Feel free to ask me any questions. The quickest way to contact me is digitaltproductions@gmail.com Please, all emails are for this sale only, no solicitation or spam. I accept Paypal, Vemno, Google Wallet for payment. No checks, No Money Orders. If you are in the Denver area, I can meet you in person and will accept cash. Thanks for looking.
  10. Hey if it helps you at all. I am trying to sell my F23 kit. Currently in talks with a fellow member on here about a possible sale, but I'm open to offers as we have not closed our deal yet. I have the SRW1 deck as well as an HD Fujinon lens and HDVF200 viewfinder. Feel free to private message me to talk more about what I have available and pricing. :)
  11. How hard would it be to change lens mounts on a camera like the genesis from PV to PL?
  12. What are the technical differences between a PV Mount and PL Mount in terms of flange distances and such? Anyone able to help with this?
  13. Interested to see if anyone knows if the orion blue book is a credible source to get realistic numbers on the value of used gear? Does any reseller even honor this like how cars are valued via Kelly Blue Book? Recently came across this.
  14. If i had an ENG Camera i'd be more than happy but I don't anymore
  15. Its just a guy spinning a ENG camera with his hands. one point of contact is the handle, the other is the shoulder pad. Done the move myself many times.
  16. I have to believe at least one of you guys had the chance to work on a Hughes picture in Chicago? Any stories you could share would be most appreciated as I am a very VERY big fan of John and his body of work. I even have his company logo tattooed on my arm. He was a great role model to look up to growing up in suburban Chicago.
  17. I figured ARRI would have something like that. I will def look into it if i get my hands on an ALEXA in the coming weeks.
  18. Thank you for the kind words! Been going at this for two decades this month! Nice to hear my personal work is still doing some good with someone out there. 🙂
  19. I think there is a specific quality to film on a psychological level that just does not compare to digital. I cant put it into words. Its just a completely different tone and atmosphere.
  20. If money was of no option and I could get a proper crew, I'd def shoot on film anamorphic with panavision cameras and lenses.
  21. two vipers recently sold on ebay. wonder who got them?
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