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Tips on shooting next project

brandon kaufman

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I'm planning on shooting a short doc this weekend, and before I do that I just want to ask a few questions. Here are my test rolls: 

The first cartridge was 200T and the second was 50D. These were scanned flat: is this the reason they look so .... grey? I like the texture of the 50D but the 200T seems off. Did I overexpose? I shot on a Nizo S560, if that makes a difference. I assume I should get 200T because I will be both indoors and outdoors and won't have that strong a light source, but I don't want it to look so drab. (I'm getting the next project colored, though, so hopefully that will make some difference.) Should I go for 500T?


Let me know what you all think or if you have any other advice!


Thanks so much.

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"Flat" transfers, maybe they are "log" or just very low-con, will be desaturated-looking since saturation and contrast are tied together. If you don't plan on doing a lot of color-correction, you should get your transfers color-corrected while being transferred in the higher contrast of Rec.709 video display gamma.  You'll have much darker shadows as a result but better saturation.

Some shots are exposed incorrectly, I don't know why. It seems a bit random.

Only use 500T if you don't have a choice because there isn't enough light.

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