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  1. Beaulieu's are probably the most serviceable of all Super 8.
  2. Ended up on eBay and sold for basically what I was asking here!
  3. Bolex H16 serial number 23176 from 1944 in excellent condition. Cosmetics are excellent with just some slight pitting of the chrome on the winding handle. Spring holds a full consistent wind and sounds very smooth. Comes in original Emmet leather case in good condition. Also original manual and literature in very good condition. Only negative I found is that the film counter hasn’t reset when the film door is open. Probably just sticky from being in storage, there is some good information about servicing Bolex’s on ye ole internet! Price $175 including USPS shipping and Paypal fees for Cont. US buyers Please search analogfilms on eBay where I have 100% feedback
  4. AR refers that the lenses are coated 'Anti Reflective' I'm pretty sure. As for selling I feel it would be best to sell as is (just make sure it winds and shoots) at auction for 99 cents and let buyers decide the price. You'll get a nice price for a complete kit with those lenses!
  5. Sorry Dom, thought you wanted to see on camera but you probably just wanted pics of the adapter itself! Anyway as you can see it doesn't completely seat, and won't even start to thread on my Rex4 H8 because H8 center turret screw is larger that H16. If you need more pics just ask!
  6. I have the Beaulieu (Rittner) M to C mount adapter works great on my Beaulieu 4008ZM's and R16, but won't fit the turret of a Bolex. Adapter hits the center screw of the turret and will not fully seat.
  7. Hey Dom, just curious what you use to clean stubborn haze? I have a 50mm f1.8 Yvar with some haze on the rear element simple cleaning wouldn't take care of. Cheers
  8. Hello! Auctioning off my early Bolex Reflex with variable shutter mod by Tullio Pellegrini, an Italian American cinematographer and camera shop owner who was based in San Fransisco. Bolex later took his work and it became the Rex O Fader. These rarely come up on the market, and this particular camera has all the mods he offered, including modification to the viewfinder. I've actually never seen another like it in my 20 years of using Bolex's. https://www.amateurcinema.org/index.php/filmmaker/tullio-pellegrini Now on to this particular camera, cosmetics are very good, matching serial numbers body/film door, nice strong spring, variable shutter working, basically fully functioning. Has 3 c mount lenses, first is a Switar RX 16mm, user cosmetics, focus and aperture are stiff but usable, would benefit from a CLA, comes with from/rear caps. Second lens is a Som Berthiot 25mm f1.8, good cosmetics, focus and aperture are smooth, good clear glass with some dust, front/rear caps. Last a Kodak 63mm f 2.7, rare black finish, user cosmetics, clear glass, comes with Hood/no caps, I really like the rendering of this old lens, has a useful macro feature. Also included is some small bits, like turret caps, rewind crank, instructions/warranty card, set of filters, and a flat camera base. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334261028796
  9. I use just the winding handle from the Rex O Fader sans mounting the Rex o Fader on the camera to achieve that stand off room
  10. It would have been avoidable if the seller stated CAD in the first place!
  11. https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/505585 (use google translate) Crowdfunding to help Retro 8 move to a new location! Tak San has done a lot for the 8mm community not only in Japan but around the world! He is offering some great rewards for your donations! Please help if you can!
  12. Luuk, well happy to see you have made some progress but unfortunately can not offer anymore advice! Looks like you need some sort of device to measure the pressure, seems to be mentioned in the article attached!
  13. Yes, EM/MST both also work with Rex5/SBM Cameras, but as you said, ESM has variable speeds and works with battery grip!
  14. Some vintage glass interferes with the mirror on Canon 5D's, its not the adapter. You can shave the mirror to clear, you should be able to find out more seating the web, or maybe using just live view?
  15. You want an Bolex ESM motor which Duall has in stock, or better yet a Tobin TXM-26, but hard to find. Super 16 conversions can't help you there!
  16. I like to use the winding lever from the rex o fade without the rex o fade, makes the handle stand off the body a bit giving some extra clearance.
  17. Sorry Luuk, I thought I'd ask you about the Mini 3 manual because you had mentioned it with some detail! I have three Nautical with one modified by Bolex to 24fps. Unfortunately its hard to find Mini 3's in the states, but so many for next to nothing in Europe!
  18. Hi Luuk, yes I was going suggest buying a Mini 3 (or 2) to practice working on before opening up your Nautica! Do you have the service manual for the Mini 3?
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