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  1. I have a Beaulieu brand but unfortunately doesn't mount to the turret, the center turret screw gets in the way! Wanted to use my 10mm Cinegon on my Standard and DS8 Bolexes!
  2. Pretty sure Edward Nowill uses single perf 16mm to re perf into Double 8. Also pretty sure he offers as a service if you send him film, he's in London.
  3. Ah man sorry! I bought for my misplaced one! So if it turns up, I'll gladly sell ya one!
  4. Doesn't help you but I just snagged one off ebay in the US for a total of $160, there out there!
  5. Does Brendon even respond to any of these comments? Just curious...
  6. Berthiot Compact 17-85mm is a favorite of mine
  7. Sell the original Reflex and zoom lens, use that money to CLA the Rex 4 and two prime lenses. Then look for a 75mm or three inch telephoto lens to finish out your primes. Lenses over 50mm do not have to be RX designated to work wide open.
  8. I'll try again this weekend Dom and report back! Cheers
  9. Hi Dom, Thanks for replying and just now finding the time to tinker again. Anyway loosening all grub screws doesn't free the front cell for the Helicoid. It just hits the close focus stop. I also loosened the next three grub screws down from the front and still couldn't remove.
  10. The focus on my Angenieux is a bit loose with a few flat spots, so I wanted to clean the old grease and apply new. Problem is with the close focus stop not letting me unscrew the whole front cell from the rest of the body. There are three grub screws that I have loosened and nothing else obvious to undo. Front glass has been removed for cleaning. I've done this service to a few Angenieux zooms with success, but a little stumped with this one. Regards!
  11. Hi James, well between you and Nick maybe I'll just have to make a scan! Wouldn't be until this weekend at earliest. Cheers
  12. Thanks for the time to reply Simon, I'm guessing mine is an older conversion, can't say first hand if quality control at Bolex had declined over the years, I have never dealt with them! I know for a fact that my current is offset as the locking current cap doesn't sit completely flush but still does its job. Also never had issues with the image I got. I'll look at my camera and see if I notice any of the other negative points you mentioned. I have an original Reflex I can compare for what its worth.
  13. Could you please elaborate on this Simon? I have a Rex 4 factory converted example, just curious on your thoughts.
  14. I have instruction manual, not sure I've ever seen a service manual. Let me know what you might need to know.
  15. As far as I know that battery pack is made to use with the MST motor, sorry thats all I got!
  16. I saw that JK camera can remove the auto iris of the 16-100 POE making it less bulky, but yes the 2 blade aperture is what kept me away the most from those lenses.
  17. I have both Vario Switar and Berthiot 17-85, not the fastest but very compact!
  18. Anywhere to watch Spike Lee's short besides Insta? Also found only 360p on youtube, can't even watch it at that size.
  19. Its back! https://www.filmshooting.com/forum/index.php
  20. Heck at least a monopod! Easy to carry one of those hiking. Unfortunately for most, shaking hand held footage = Super 8
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