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Kiev Alpha Use

Dave Richardson

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I bought a Kiev Alpha and managed to use it before the lockdown. I exposed 50ft of Tri x at 100 ASA and from the results I think that 150 ASA would have been better. The question is - if I removed the pelicule from behind the lens I presume I would be able to expose film at its full speed, but would the camera effectively have no viewfinder

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Kiev Alpha-16 camera have permanent semi transparent mirror between lens and film gate.

This is semi transparent mirror pass a light to film and to ground glass.

The image at ground glass not blinking

That's why. If you use external light metter, you must add correction.

If you take off semi transparent mirror you lost viewfinder channel. Not do this.

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The lightest and the loudest 16-mm. camera. Spring winding crank sits directly in the spring arbor. You should have 25 seconds run on a wind at speed 24. Film guidance at gate rather mediocre

The light loss at the reflex finder pellicle is only 8 percent. The shutter opening angle is 170 degrees. Claw leaves film at the +3 position.

Do have the camera checked by a technician, if you want to use it in earnest. Flange-focal distance is often off. Maximum lens thread length is 4 mm or 0.157".

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